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The Abilene Mutual Bank is a bank that Seth and Richard robbed. They took 30 million US dollars in bare bonds and a hostage, Monica Garza, with them.


At least several weeks prior to the Gecko brothers, Vanessa staked out at the bank to figure out their schedule.

Monica Garza seems to have a habit of bringing coffee for the employees at the bank. The co-workers seem to get along great, as evidence by Monica telling the security guard about her vacation plans and potential marital issues.

Throughout From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series[]

Season One[]

Seth and Richie rob the Abilene Mutual Bank after Vanessa had spent weeks staking out the place. They timed the heist carefully, but Richie messed up the plan, leading to complications. The Gecko brothers take Monica Garza as a hostage as they leave the bank with the bare bonds, killing four Texas Rangers and two police officers in the process.

Seth informs Vanessa that plans regarding the heist had changed. They talk about their plans for the money and Vanessa reveals her involvement in the crime.





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