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The Astra Terminator is a weapon used in the original From Dusk Till Dawn.


Seth Gecko carries an Astra Terminator with a 3 inch full lug barrel and Pachmayr compact grips. It is also briefly handled by Jacob, who threatens to kill himself if the others don't promise to kill him when he "turns". It is also later picked up and fired by both Scott and Kate Fuller. The Astra Terminator is a revolver made by the Astra firearms company in Spain, sometimes only called the Astra .44 CTG. because the "TERMINATOR" logo on the barrel is often overlooked or even missing on some examples. It has a barrel length of 2 5/8", a capacity of six rounds, orange plastic insert front sight, factory Pachmayr compact grips, and has a full lug barrel. The revolver was also chambered in .41 magnum and .45 colt, but examples in these calibers are much more rare. The Astra was inspired by a Smith & Wesson revolver N-frame. The design was inspired by Jovino Effector and is dimensionally similar to the Smith & Wesson N-frame revolver. Due to the short barrel, this pistol has a fairly large recoil and a huge muzzle-flash. It was manufactured in Spain and was imported into the USA by Interarms under catalog number 55000. It was sold through distributor Lew Horton in the 1980s.


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