This article is about the location from From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series you may be looking for the film location of the same name Benny's World of Liquor.

Benny's World of Liquor is a store that Earl and Freddie went to before facing off against the Geckos.


There is nothing known about the store's early history.

Throughout From Dusk Till Dawn: The SeriesEdit

Season OneEdit

Seth and Richie go in the store and hold both Libby and Jessie hostage. Earl and Freddie pull up in front of the store, while Earl goes in to get some liquor. After all this, a shootout begins and Earl is wounded. Earl and Pete are then killed, while the girls kick Richie for what he put them through. The brothers then make their way out of the store before law enforcement arrives.

The crime scene at the liquor store is being handled by law enforcement and the fire department. Libby and Jessie are also being questioned and interviewed about what they dealt with while being held hostage and the events.





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