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Calavera, the Skull Keeper was a character who appeared in the first episode of the third season of From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series. He was a Xibalban demon who had power over people's minds once he had their skulls. He was ultimately killed by Seth and Richie when they burned him and then shot his head off.


In ancient times, Calavera served the great armies by infiltrating enemy lands. He traveled from one village to the next posing as an artisan, and destroys tribes from within. It is also stated that he doesn't kill his victims, but instead feasts on their skulls and once he has said skull, he owns the mind.

Throughout From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series[]

Season Three[]

In Head Games, Calavera rose above the ground alongside Brasa after the Titty Twister was blown up by Carlos Madrigal. It is revealed that he has been working with Brasa and Amaru to infiltrate the culebra organization to take them all down, most importantly the Lords. He used Alonzo, Venganza's bodyguards and the Gecko's assistants to get to the Lords and an amulet. Richie and Seth then go to confront Calavera, and Richie's skull is almost taken away by Calavera before Seth sets him ablaze. After both Richie and Seth set him partially ablaze, Richie shoots his head off, killing him.

Physical Appearance[]

He had a monstrous appearance and looked just like what was described about him, i.e., a "skull". He was skeletal with a gray-white skin color, with red/black eyes. He was also extremely tall and wore a black cloak.


He is mysterious and very ruthless. He will do anything necessary to keep his plan in motion, despite being exposed in the process.

Powers and Abilities[]

Calavera is one of the most powerful demons of Xibalba.

  • Immortality- Calavera appears to have lived for thousands of years.
  • Mind Control- He has displayed the power to take control of an individual's actions once he extracts their skulls from their bodies.


  • Morality- Despite being hundreds of years old, Calavera isn't impervious to death.


Season Three



  • Calavera is Spanish and means "skull".[1]


  • Joseph Gatt is well known for playing The Mute, a mouthless professional assassin, on the MTV television series Teen Wolf. Ironically, a family called the Calaveras also appeared on Teen Wolf and were a family who hunted supernatural creatures and who used the skull symbol to represent them.
  • Calavera is referred to as Skeletor's son. Skeletor was a character from the He-Man and She-Ra franchise.
  • In Spanish tradition, a calavera is a representation of a human skull. These skulls are usually decorative or edible, and are mostly used on Dia de Muertos and All Souls' Day.


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