Chance Holbrook was a character who first appeared in the second episode of the first season. He was the captain of a police department in Houston and the boss of Freddie Gonzalez. He was drained of blood by Carlos, who proceeded to use his appearance for a brief amount of time.


Not much is known except he's been in the department for sometime.

Throughout From Dusk Till Dawn: The SeriesEdit

Season OneEdit

In Blood Runs Thick, he arrives at Benny's World of Liquor and tells Freddie to drop the Geckos and spend more time with his family.

In Let's Get Rambling, he calls Freddie and is angry at him for his disobedience. After telling him about finding Kyle Winthrop's corpse, Freddie tells him about the cult, but Chance doesn't believe him. He tells him to turn back around and after Freddie says he'll stop the Geckos at the border, Chance tells him to call if anything happens.

In Self Contained, Captain Holbrook gets mad at Freddie Gonzalez for his actions at the Dew Drop Inn and sends him to be taken to Austin. After Freddie gets away from the rangers and Holbrook, the captain makes a call to Officer Torrez at the border crossing, asking if Freddie has passed the border yet. The call gets interrupted when Officer Torrez gets attacked by Carlos.

Season TwoEdit

In Bizarre Tales, he is seen at the precinct giving Freddie and Kate some evidence regarding the murders that Earl was investigating in the 1980s.

In Bring Me the Head of Santanico Pandemonium, it is revealed that he was drained of blood by Carlos. Carlos also states that Chance was going to report Freddie.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He is medium built man wearing a tan suit and white shirt with a sheriff's badge. He has grayish hair and wears a large hat on his head.


He is an honorable man and believes in the law. He is serious and is prone to anger, especially towards Freddie, when he goes out of his jurisdiction.




  • Chance is a masculine given name and surname, but with different origins. The given name is of Middle English origin and means "good fortune". The surname is of Old French origin, from cheance.
  • Holbrook is a masculine given name and surname.


  • Brandon Smith is no stranger to the horror genre, as he had played a character in the Jeepers Creepers franchise.

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