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six simple rules for From Dusk Till Dawn Wiki


  1. Please DO NOT bully any other user.
  2. Please DO NOT participate in editing wars.
  3. Please DO NOT swear or perform any abusive and/or threatening behavior.
  4. Please DO NOT create or edit any templates or categories.
  5. Please DO NOT vandalize any page.
  6. Please DO NOT add any unearned/non-applicable user stamps to your user page.

If you do break these rules you will be politely warned and repeat violations of these rules could result in a suspension for anything from a day up to a year.

PLEASE NOTE: We are very ANTI-TROLL, if you troll us, you may not get any warning and you may be permanently blocked.

1st offense - a polite warning.

2nd offense - an official warning and a day block.

3rd offense - a second official warning and a week block

4th offense - a final warning and a month block

Further offenses will result in an infinite forever block.

If you break no rules for 30 days after your previous warning/block, your previous warnings will become void.


Respect other peoples opinions and express yourself using a polite tone, vulgar and negative attitudes will not be tolerated and depending on the severity may result in a warning.

Editing to better the wiki such as creating pages where you see unused links or adding information, correcting spelling/grammar is encouraged but vandalism and mal-editing will not be tolerated.

When creating new pages please follow the format of the existing pages, using the appropriate templates and adding appropriate categories.

If you have any further questions

please leave a message on the wall of a Staff member.

Thanks for reading.