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Demons are the ruling species of Xibalba and consider themselves superior to humans and culebras.


Demons are an ancient race from Xibalba.


Each Xibalban demon has a different physiology. Some look like normal humans with some minor scarring, demonic features, eye color, hair (or no hair) and some look like stereotypical monsters, such as Cipactli and the Olmeca.

Their diet also differs based on the demon, as some have been seen eating normal food, such as vegetables, meats, etc. and some survive on flesh and blood.


It seems they can reproduce as Itzpa, aka La Llorona, had a child with a human. Other than that, it's unknown if any others can have children.

Powers & Abilities[]

The powers and abilities of the demons of Xibalba appear to be unique to every demon, since all possess different skills, but what they share in common with their strength is their speed and agility , their keen senses and some powerful demons have great magical powers how to manipulate fire, see the future , spawn weapons made of tattoos ,among other magical powers.


It is revealed in Fanglorious that Xibalban blades can hurt/kill demons.


Demon Description Status
Amaru is the queen of Xibalba and is over 4,000 years old. She was eventually sent back to Xibalba after being ripped open by Kate and the souls she fed on. Alive
Brasa-Sun God.png
Brasa is a demon and the Sun God of Xibalba. He was the second in command to Amaru before he was ultimately killed by Seth Gecko. Deceased
Calavera, or The Skull Keeper, was said that once he takes someone's skull he controls their mind. He was killed by the Geckos. Deceased
Olmeca .png
Olmeca was revered like a god. They are legendary Xibalban warriors who destroy anything in their path. Deceased
El Caporal.png
El Caporal
A Slave Master, he tortured rogue culebras into submission. He was shot in the chest by Burt. Deceased
Jaguar warriors.png
Zolo and his Warriors
They are Jaguar warriors who hunt their prey by the rhythm of their heart. Zolo-Alive

Male Warrior-Deceased
Female Warrior-Deceased

Cipactli is an aquatic demon who plagued villages with locusts and make them turn mad on each other. Deceased
Itzpa 3x07 .png
She was a female soul gatherer. When scratched by her claws, her venom forces the person to relive their worst memories. She is killed by Burt and Freddie. Deceased
Tatuaje was a high-ranking demon who had the ability to control people using his tattoos. He is killed by Santánico. Deceased