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The Dew Drop Motel was a motel that had housed the Gecko Brothers and the Fuller Family for a brief stay.

Throughout From Dusk Till Dawn[]

The Dew Drop Motel was a motel that Seth and Richie stayed at while holding Gloria Hill hostage. After Richie rapes and kills Gloria, Seth devises a plan to get to Mexico without being caught by the police and federal officers. Seth spots the Fuller Family in a RV and thinks of a plan.

Richie goes to their motel room and only Scott and Jacob are in the room at the time. Richie asks for their ice bucket and states he would bring it right back, and when Jacob goes to fetch it, Richie pulls out his gun. Seth then appears and he points his gun at the two men. Kate comes in and the two point their guns at her as well. After the brothers get the family situated, they go to the RV and make their getaway to Mexico.


  • Motel Owner




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