Deputy Edgar McGraw was a character who appeared in From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money. He was the son of Earl McGraw and was a deputy in the police department.


Not much is known his history, except he was the son of Earl Ramona, and the brother of Dakota. He became a deputy at some point beforehand.

Throughout From Dusk Till DawnEdit

He accompanies Otis to Buck's house to ask him if he knows where Luther is.

He later accompanies Otis and other police officers to the bank where the robbers are at and participates in the fight. He, Otis and Buck are the only ones left in the ensuing bloodshed, but unfortunately he is stabbed by Jesus, killing him.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He wore a white cowboy/deputy hat, a white shirt and light brown pants with a brown belt. He had a dark brown mustache and short, brown hair.


He had a chip on his shoulder due to the Gecko brothers killing his father, but he did maintain a professional mindset that didn't stop him from doing his duty.




  • Edgar is a commonly used English given name, from an Anglo-Saxon name Eadgar, composed of ead ("rich, prosperous") and gar ("spear").
  • McGraw is an common surname.


  • Edgar, Earl, Seth, Richie and Kelly are the only characters that have been featured in other Tarantino/Rodriguez films, such as Planet Terror, Kill Bill and others.
  • He is the first McGraw child that is seen in the Tarantino/Rodriguez universe.
  • He is the second McGraw to be seen killed in the Tarantino/Rodriguez universe.
  • James Parks and his father, Michael Parks, aren't the only father/son to appear in the franchise. Don and Jesse Johnson appear as Earl in the television series, while Gary and Jake Busey appear in the television series as well, portraying Aiden Tanner and The Prospector.

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