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From Dusk Till Dawn (Video Game) was a Windows released game and is a third person shooter that is based on events that transpired directly after the first film.


Seth Gecko has been condemned to death for the murders Richie committed. He is an inmate at the Rising Sun high-security prison, a converted tanker floating off the coast of New Orleans. Vampires infiltrate the prison by posing as inmates as they murder the guards and the warden, beginning a rampage. In the chaos, Seth gains a weapon and escapes his cell.

At the end of the game, Seth kills the vampires and escapes the prison along with the other survivors.


  • Developer (s): Game Squad
  • Publisher (s): Cryo Interactive
  • Platform (s): Microsoft Windows
  • Release Date: October 11, 2001
  • Genre (s): Horror, Third-person shooter
  • Mode (s): Single player
  • Rating: M



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