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From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman's Daughter is the 2000 American supernatural crime-horror direct-to-video prequel to From Dusk Till Dawn. It was written by Álvaro and Robert Rodriguez and directed by P.J. Pesce. It is the third film in the trilogy of films but chronologically it is the first.



The film opens in 1913, Mexico when Pancho Villa is talking in Spanish and another man says he wants to see the bullet go by him. His blindfold is removed and as they are talking, a gun is seen being spun and Pancho tells his men to get ready. As they get ready to fire, the man, Ambrose Bierce, wakes up and notices his gun is in another's hands. He goes to Catherine Reece and when she tells him he has a nice gun, he smacks her and gets his gun back. She tells him she just wanted a look at it and he asks her if this is close as the gun is near her face. She nods yes and he tells her to go, to which he kicks her as she does. He asks for a drink and as he waits, a woman, Mary Newlie and her husband, John are seen handing out pamphlets.

He then talks to the bartender about pursuing business in Mexico and says he plans on joining Pancho Villa's revolutionary army. He also has a valuable object in his possession and as he talks, there are yells, and the outlaw Johnny Madrid walks out with the hangman to the execution platform. The Hangman, Mauricio,pulls out his whip and starts hitting Johnny in the back, giving him some fresh cuts. He then spots a girl, Esmeralda, who is revealed to be his daughter, and whips her too. He then wraps the noose around Johnny's neck and asks him if he has any last words, to which he replies "See you in Hell". The execution then begins and Ambrose notices the young woman, Reece, from earlier and that she has a shotgun ready to fire. As Johnny drops through the platform, Reece fires and Johnny is saved. He grabs a horse and starts shooting some of the men, and then grabs Esmeralda's hand, and takes her with him. Mauricio repeatedly shoots at them and one of his men tries to stop him, saying that she's his daughter, and he pulls off the hood, revealing a man with a few scars and says he'd prefer it's her.

As this happens, Ambrose starts boarding a stagecoach and isn't too thrilled about riding with the Newlies, greeting it with sarcasm. As they ride, they talk about religion and he reveals that he plans on joining the revolutionary army and he's an atheist. Somewhere else, Johnny and Esmeralda arrive at some rocks with some water and Johnny confronts Joaquin, who asks where he and the men were. Joaquin tells him that Chato is the "jefe" now. He tells Joaquin to get him and he does. They prepare for a showdown, and as they get ready, Johnny shoots Chato twice in the head and kills him. Soon, a rider is seen on a horse and most of the men are watching Esmeralda, while Johnny practices with his guns. One of the members brings the rider in and it's revealed to be Reece, and she tells Johnny that she wants to be his apprentice. He tells his men to kill her, and while pointing her gun at his privates, she reveals she shot the rope and she tells him what Ambrose is carrying for Pancho Villa. Ambrose is then seen thinking about the nightmare he had, but with the addition of vampires, and Mary takes away his alcohol, but gives it back. Johnny and his gang then get ready to rob the stagecoach and tells Reece if it fails, she dies. They go after the coach and begin to attack, killing both of the drivers and some of the outlaws. They look for the suitcase and find it's just a manuscript of Ambrose's new book, The Monk and the Hangman's Daughter, and Johnny is upset at this. Ambrose tells Johnny it's his life and he plans on joining Pancho's army, and Johnny puts down his gun. Joaquin points his gun at him, and Johnny tells him to leave him alone as he is an honorable man. After the outlaws leave, John gets kicked by Ambrose and they start to fight each other, with John punching him, but Mary intervenes. The outlaws arrive at a cemetery and John is seen driving the stagecoach, with them beginning to walk across the desert.

At the cemetery, Johnny tells Esmeralda this is for Catherine and tells her to step on one of the graves, and wraps a noose around her. He asks if she's scared and he begins shooting the grave's cross, and she says she is. She feels the noose start getting tighter around her neck and the men begin to insult her. Esmeralda tells Johnny he can't kill as she's a girl, but he tells her she's an outlaw, and will die like one. He shoots the grave again and it goes to the side, leaving her hanging. He tells she'll be a legend, and Esmeralda soon rides off, with Johnny yelling at her, and then rides after her. John, Mary and Ambrose are still seen walking across the desert and spot an establishment, La Tetilla del Diablo, and walk in. They look around and think that it's abandoned, and Ambrose slightly recognizes it from his nightmare. A candle comes on and Razor Charlie says they are closed, and they ask for a room. Ambrose asks for some brandy. Charlie notices the cross on John and goes in the back to get their beverage, and as they leave, Ambrose tries to toast, but notices no one is around.

Johnny rides after Esmeralda and she stops, angry for what he did to Catherine and asks what he'll do if she makes him angry. He tells her she doesn't and they begin to kiss. They ride off again and back at the inn/whorehouse, Mary notices the many scantily clad women. John brings their drinks and Charlie asks if they want more, and they say no. When John asks to see their rooms, Charlie points at the front, and they watch as a woman, Quixtla walks down. She introduces herself as the owner and will show them to their rooms. It then shows The Hangman and his men looking at Reece hanging as they talk. One of his men notices she's alive and cuts the rope. She says she wants to kill him and the Hangman is angry at what she has unleashed. He tells his men they'll be bringing her with them.

Night falls and the women in the bar start putting on a show. A man, Ezra Traylor, arrives at the bar and asks for a side of their beer. Both Charlie and Ambrose look at him, and he pours a drink. Ezra says that he thought the place was a mirage and continues talking. It's revealed that he is a traveling businessman trying to get to the States and begins showing some of his products. Quixtla walks the Newlies through the hallways and as they do, they hear many people groan in pleasure. She gives them a room and she says to call her if they need anything. Mary asks about supper and Quixtla says they eat late and she'll let them know. She leaves the room and John notices Mary acting a bit hostile. He sits on the bed with her and tries to make love to her, but she doesn't want and he says they've been married a week. She hopes he has better reasons for marriage than that and he claims he does. He tries again and a bat soon appears in the room, freaking Mary out and John trying to whack at it. He asks her if she's alright and she says she's sick and wants to go to bed. She asks him if he could get her some water and he leaves. He takes the cross of his tie and starts walking the hallway, hearing the pleasurable moans coming from the various rooms. He looks in one of the rooms and Quixtla interrupts him, asking him if he's looking for something. He says he dropped something and she laughs. She invites him in her room and starts kissing him. It's then revealed that Joaquin and the other outlaws are in the room that John was looking in. Some other men soon walk in and more of the girls are performing various acts such as fire breathing. Ezra and Ambrose talk, and when he reveals his name, Ezra recognizes and talks about the story Bierce wrote. John walks in and gets a drink from Charlie. He starts talking to the woman with a snake and both Johnny and Esmeralda soon arrive at the establishment. She asks if they should go on after looking at the place and she then walks in while Johnny walks somewhere else. She recognizes Ambrose and turns around, and Quixtla confronts her. She says she heard Esmeralda and remarks about the scars on her back. She looks and then scraps a little off, and picks it in her mouth. Her eyes turn yellow and starts licking her back. She brushes her hair back and says "you sweet child", and Esmeralda cries a little. Quixtla wipes them off and licks it. She says she's very special and says her name, frightening Esmeralda. She asks how she knows her name and walks with her. Johnny stretches outside and looks around, and hears a noise. He notices someone in one of the stalls for the horses and opens the door. He asks what he is doing and the man, Nano, turns around, with his eyes glowing white. He has blood dripping from his mouth and goes to attack Johnny, with him shooting Nano. Mary wakes up hearing the shot and goes in the hallway looking for John. One of the girls in Mary's wedding dress walks past her and she recognizes it. She turns and is grabbed by Joaquin, who pulls her in the room. Johnny storms in and asks Charlie where Esmeralda is. He notices Ambrose and walks over to him, waking him up. Ambrose is a bit drunk and he points in the direction she went. John walks to another side of the bar and drinks more from his bottle. He hears a recognizable laugh and turns in the direction it is coming from. He asks what the policy is on fighting and Charlie he doesn't care. The outlaw comes over and orders some tequila, and John turns towards him, and the outlaw recognizes him. John hits him and they start fighting. Esmeralda is sitting down while Quixtla takes off the tiara she has and puts on Esmeralda's head. It then shows that Quixtla's reflection isn't in the mirror and Johnny walks in telling her they are leaving. She tells him she wants to stay and as he's trying to get her, she holds on to Quixtla and she replies that she wants to stay. He pulls off the chair and heads towards the entrance, but Quixtla's in the way. He tells her he'll shoot her and she tells him to go ahead, with Johnny shooting her in the head, green brain tissue splattering. Mary yells at John to stop fighting and Joaquin tells him to leave his friend alone or he'll fix Mary up. John takes a knife out and puts it through the outlaw's mouth, letting him struggle while dying. He points the knife at him and tells him he's next, with Joaquin going to him. They fight and as they do, the girls start looking at the blood and many of them take a taste, gaining some excitement. Johnny notices the two fighting and looks around. Charlie asks if something is wrong and Johnny wonders what's wrong with the place, as he saw his friend eating his horse. Nano is then behind them, showing his vampiric face, and laughs. Mauricio and his men soon walk in, and Johnny notices Catherine on the floor. Mauricio and his men prepare to shoot and a gunfight starts to happen. Many of the patrons hide for cover and Johnny tells Esmeralda's father that he's taking her with him, and he tells Johnny that he's taken her far enough and doesn't know what he's gotten himself into. Quixtla comes floating down, saying the Hangman's real name, Mauricio, and says Esmeralda doesn't really look him, but looks more like her, revealing Esmeralda is her daughter. He shoots her multiple times and she falls to the floor. Charlie then asks where he has been and shows his vampiric nature as well, and says on time for dinner, with the doors closing and locked. Many of the other female vampires start showing their nature and feeding on the patrons, with some biting Ezra. Ambrose looks around and sees himself somewhere in the rafters above. Nano looks around and starts going after Mauricio, with him wrapping rope around Nano's head and ripping it off. A snake pops out and says that wasn't very nice, and he shoots it, wiping blood off him. Ezra is still being attacked by the vampires and Charlie steps in front of Johnny, stopping him from going outside. Catherine frees herself from her binds and the Newlies soon try to leave. He and Joaquin restart their fight, while Mary is being attacked by a vampire.

Ezra pulls the vampire off, showing that he has turned too and they start to dance, hypnotizing her in the process. He then bites her, and Catherine kicks down a door, yelling to some of the others to go in. Mauricio grabs a makeshift cross and holds it up to the vampires, repelling them back and they close the door to the room. Joaquin and John fight more, with Ambrose telling them that it's enough. Mauricio then punches Johnny and Ambrose tells them to stop as well, since everyone in the room says they all have a score to settle. The vampires then break the door down and the men start shooting at them. They run to a tunnel and Esmeralda falls on the ground. Esmeralda keeps twitching and Johnny brushes her hair back, revealing a bat on her. He grabs the bat and many others reveal themselves, with the group putting their torches up, setting them on fire, and then running away.

The vampires are seen feeding on the patrons still and Quixtla rises, stretching. She goes towards Charlie and Ezra, asking where her daughter is and that they have to taste what she has tasted. Ezra walks over to her and licks her tongue, jumping on the bar table and announces she has arrived. She says to "wake the old one" and another vampire licks the blood from Quixtla's tongue. As they walk through the tunnels, the remaining survivors look around to see if anymore vampires are hiding. John closes a cage like door and hears Mary calling his name. He turns around and heads towards the doors again, and Mary appears. She taunts him and Ambrose tells him that she isn't his wife, and John tells him to shut his mouth. Mary then reveals her newly vampiric nature and taunts him more, saying he's a sinner and talks good game. He holds up a bible and she vomits green filth on it, blowing out of his hands. She then says "You always wanted to see what was underneath this dress" and then rips it open, with two snake like tentacles coming out and attacking him. Johnny cuts the tentacles and hands the machete to John. John then stabs her through her stomach, causing her to burst into flames and leaves nothing more than flaming skeletal remains. Johnny then asks if anyone else was bitten back there and Joaquin remembers he got bit by one of the girls before he shot her. They go through the tunnels once more and they separate into two groups, with Johnny leading Esmeralda, Joaquin and John, while Ambrose has Mauricio and Catherine. As Ambrose's group walks, he recognizes her name and says she's wanted for murder in two states. Mauricio asks why she killed her mother and father, and she tells him they were starving, so she sent them to a better place. He then asks about her aunt, uncle and cousins, and she says she never liked them. It switches to Johnny's group and as they look around, Joaquin becomes a vampire and after disappearing, he bites John on the neck. He is staked with a torch by Johnny and John says he made him one of them. John makes a cross sign and tells Johnny to do it before he turns, and he stakes him in the heart with the torch. Johnny and Esmeralda meet up with Ambrose's group and Mauricio asks where the other two are. Johnny says they're dead and Mauricio says Johnny could be one, but Johnny insults him with what Quixtla said earlier. Esmeralda asks why they want her and Mauricio asks what she's trying to say, and they fight. Ambrose says they could at least open the door and goes towards it, until Quixtla shows up with the rest of the vampires. Some of the more monstrous vampires grabs Johnny and the others, and Quixtla wants Esmeralda to meet someone. Charlie, Ezra and some other vampires open a crypt and reveal an old woman in it. Quixtla reveals to Esmeralda that she is her mother, making Esmeralda a dhampir and that the old woman is her vampire grandmother, Cihuacoatl and says "welcome home, Santánico". She reveals that Esmeralda's destined to be a full-fledged vampire princess. The vampires then hang Mauricio, Ambrose, Johnny and Catherine upside down as sacrifices. Ezra walks with Esmeralda, who is now dressed up and Ambrose tells Mauricio that his past has come back to haunt him. He tells them that he tried the best he could in those 19 years, beating her so she wouldn't disobey him so she wouldn't go back to her mother. He says the old woman predicted she would come back to La Tetilla del Diablo, but as long as she stayed away she would remain human, but going back to it, she would become something different. As he tells this, Charlie slits Esmeralda's arm, letting her grandmother lick her blood. Catherine said he should've killed her and he said he tried, but she was a child and kept coming back. Quixtla drinks her blood and Esmeralda is now welcomed to the darkness as a full-fledged vampire, being renamed as Santánico Pandemonium. Johnny reveals that he had a knife hidden in his boots and cuts it, setting him and the others free. Quixtla sends the vampires after them and they manage to kill some of them. Catherine is then bit by one of the lady vampires and Quixtla tells Santánico to send her grandmother to rest, stabbing her in the stomach and releasing multiple bats. Ezra goes after Johnny and he slits his throat with his boot knife, and proceeds to stake him. Mauricio kills a few more vampires and Santánico appears before him, with her vampiric nature now showing. He tells her he raised her and he never wanted to punish her, and she says she knows. She tells him she loves him and kisses him, until she bites him in the neck. Ambrose points to the door to Johnny and they walk towards until Santánico tells him to wait. He tells her to get away from him and the two try to open the door, and Quixtla says she's not Esmeralda anymore. Mauricio shows his newly transformed state and opens the door, while Quixtla says she's Santánico and goes after them, until the sunlight starts burning her. Mauricio then pulls the lever with the spears and they pierce through Quixtla's body, leaving her to burn in the sunlight. Santánico hides from the sunlight and then yells at Johnny to come back and not to leave her, as the doors close to the bar. Ambrose and Johnny then get up, with Johnny asking him what he's going to do now. He says "What I came here to do" and Johnny asks if he wants any company. Ambrose says not really, but he lets him and they ride off. As the camera zooms out, it reveals what's behind the establishment, with abandoned stagecoaches and wagons off to the side like in the present day. As it keeps zooming out, it shows a Mayan temple and the screen fades black.

In a post credits scene, set in modern day, Ambrose is alive and telling a patron the story which he doesn't believe and prepares to leave. Ambrose tells him he has proof, revealing that he was bit by Quixtla as they fell out the bar, and he's now a vampire. He rips out the patron's heart and bites it as the film ends.


  • Danny Trejo reprises his role as Razor Charlie in this film as this is a prequel to the first film.
  • Michael Parks portrays a different character, Ambrose Bierce, in this film, while he portrayed Earl McGraw in the first.


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