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This Wiki is a collaborative encyclopedia about the supernatural crime films and TV series that anyone including you can edit.
We are currently editing 496 articles since April 11th, 2014.

WARNING: This Wiki contains SPOILERS from both the FILMS and the TV SERIES.
Read on at your own discretion.





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MissVampy13 MissVampy13 18 December 2016

Thoughts On Season Three

Since the season ended on November 1, I wanted to post some thoughts on it. Eve…

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TotallyTinkerbell TotallyTinkerbell 16 October 2016

Thoughts while bingeing the show


I thought i'd create a list of things that came to mind when bingeing the s…

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MissVampy13 MissVampy13 12 April 2016

Third Season Wish List/Predictions

My wish list for the third season is that they have Salma Hayek or Juliette Lew…

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MissVampy13 MissVampy13 4 June 2015

Second Season Predictions

I predict there will be another series regular death, someone is going to becom…

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