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We ask that all users take the time to read the below guidelines before uploading files to the wiki. We are currently hosting 1,018 files on the wiki. Many which need to be categorized and licensed to adhere to the below guidelines.


When uploading screencaps for From Dusk Till Dawn, film or television series, images should be limited to 5 screencaps per scene. This applies to all pages-Episodes, Relationships, Actor pages, etc. Size doesn't necessarily matter on this wiki, but make sure it's at least 150px-250px if possible, but place the numbers in the image brackets. If possible, the highest resolution image should be uploaded (720p/1080p/HD) so the image can be seen clearly. There are several sites that you can find screencaps for the films and television series. For the film series, you can do an image search engine or look for a website with movie screencaps.


Images should be named accurately to depict the topic they are showing. For example, an image containing Aiden Tanner, should contain the name "Aiden" in the filename and sometimes it is applicable to add the episode such as: AidenDarkSide.png to represent an image of Aiden from Dark Side of the Sun episode. Images that do not adhere to this policy can and will be renamed/deleted. We consider this a big part of the image policy as it better helps us identify images to add to articles. To better help this, if uploading images directly from your computer into the editor, please make the filename is saved under an identifiable name as wiki will use that string as the filename.

Duplicate Images[]

Please do not upload duplicate images and/or duplicate or very similar filenames. Usually, when uploading a duplicate image and/or filename, wiki will acknowledge that the image is already uploaded and will warn the user, at this point, the user should stop the upload and use the image already uploaded.

Fan Images[]

Fan images are not allowed on any article in the main namespace. This includes articles, episodes, species etc. All fan images should be confined to comments, message walls, profiles, blogs, sandboxes or [user]sub-pages. Fan images are classed as any image that has been altered from the original form it aired in either on box set and/or live TV.


Gifs can be necessary on any article, but we ask that gif usage on articles is kept to a minimum. Gifs are not allowed on episode, family, location and transcript pages with special cases for characters, objects and species articles. For character articles, please do NOT add gifs to the infobox picture. You can add it to the image gallery, but not the infobox. They can be used on relationship pages, but as the same above, to a minimum.

Categorizing Images[]

Main Article: Category Policy

Each images should have categories to better group them to the subject they are depicting. For example, images of Amaru should be given the category Images of Amaru etc. Images can be categorized by editing the image or using the category module at the bottom of the image, either way works.


When uploading a video to the wiki, it should be in 720/1080p and the occurring events should clearly be able to be seen. Videos can be added from YouTube and the filename should, following the image policy, be named appropriately. Videos, like images, should too be categorized with appropriate category. Please refrain from using videos on any other articles except for promos of episodes. Please also check the wiki for duplicate videos before adding them, feel free to replace videos with higher definition ones.

Copyright Notices[]

All images uploaded to the wiki must follow the copyright outlined by the authors. Images uploaded to the wiki must follow the image guidelines listed above and below this section. Add the "Screenshot" template to the photo you have uploaded to show you understand the fair use and copyright notices. It also shows that the image can be used.


We want to make it easier for users to find images to add to articles via the 'add image' button in the editor, for this reason, we must exclaim that media from other fandoms is prohibited. Any images that do not regard the From Dusk Till Dawn universe will be removed/deleted without warning; please do not upload them.

Despite these restrictions, users are free to talk about other fandoms wherever they wish - excluding the main namespace of course. Links to images are allowed, too. Another explanation is below in the Out of Universe Images section.

Out of Universe Images[]

As explained in the Fandoms section above, Out of universe images are prohibited, so if there isn't an image associated with any of the From Dusk Till Dawn universe, it will be removed, especially if it's on an article page with nothing to do with it, but you can do an external link to the image. The exceptions are the logos for the franchise, such as the El Rey Network logo, eOne or Dimension Films, but there is an "Images Out FDTD Universe" category and you can add the photo there.

User pages and images related to the wiki, such as the wiki logo, will have the screenshot template so it will acknowledge that it's yours (the users) and the wiki's, not another's work.

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