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The Gonzalez Family are based in Houston in a suburb and consists of Freddie Gonzalez, Margaret Gonzalez and their daughter, Billie.


Not much is known about the Gonzalez Family, except the surname is likely from Freddie's mother.

Family Members[]

  • Freddie Gonzalez (1980s-)-A Texas Ranger and a descendant of an ancient bloodline of warriors called the Otomi. He is also called the "Peacekeeper" in the prophecy.
  • Margaret Gonzalez (1980s-)-Freddie's wife and the mother of Billie. She was a college student that studied astrology.
  • Freddie's Mother (c.1946-)-Freddie's mother.


  • Gabriel Cruz (?-)-Freddie's father and the only surviving victim of Celestino Oculto's yearly sacrificial ritual. He left Texas to protect Freddie as he knew Oculto would come after him again.


  • Gonzalez is a Spanish surname that means "Son of Gonzalo" or "castle".


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