The Gonzalez Family is based in a suburb in Houston and consists of Freddie Gonzalez, Margaret Gonzalez and their daughter, Billie.


Not much is known about the Gonzalez Family, except it's likely Freddie's mother's last name as his father's last name was Cruz.

Family MembersEdit

  • Freddie Gonzalez-(1980s-) A Texas Ranger and a descendant of an ancient bloodline of warriors called the Otomi. He is also called the "Peacekeeper" in the prophecy.
  • Margaret Gonzalez-(1980s-) Freddie's wife and the mother of Billie. She was a college student that studied astrology.
  • Billie Gonzalez (2014-)-Freddie and Margaret's young daughter.
  • Freddie's Unnamed Mother (c.1946-)-Freddie's mother


  • Gabriel Cruz-Freddie's father and the only surviving victim of Celestino Oculto's yearly sacrificial ritual. He left Texas to protect Freddie and he knew Oculto would come after him again.


  • Freddie Gonzalez
  • Margaret Gonzalez
  • Billie Gonzalez
  • Gabriel Cruz


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