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Areas From Dusk Till Dawn Wiki Needs Help With

  • Film Character Creation (See ETIQUETTE below)
  • TV Series Character Creation (See ETIQUETTE below)
  • Screencaps for both Films and TV Series for galleries on Film/Episode/Character pages.
  • Episode Page Creation (See ETIQUETTE below)
  • Adding the Navboxes into articles at the bottom of the page, if it's a character page add the Template:Character_Navbox, if it's an episode page add the Template:Episode_Navbox etc.

Helping with all these things marked with a Stub go towards points when earning Achievements and helping out in general will go in your favour when applying for Staff Membership.


When adding either a Film Character Page or a TV Character Page there are a few things to consider and there are some mandatory criteria.
The Films came first so if there is a character in the TV Series that has a character of the same name in the film you must put (TV Series) into the article title, for example Seth Gecko and Seth Gecko (TV Series).
Use the correct template the template for both film and TV Series characters is {{Character}}

Use the correct categories for characters, for example if it is a film character, who is a vampire and deceased you would add. "Characters", "Film Characters, "Vampires" and "Deceased". If it is a character from the TV Series who is a human and is alive, then you would add: "Characters", "TV Series Characters", "Humans".

When adding a new Episode page there are some criteria that must be fulfilled before you hit that "Publish" button.
Use the official episode summary that will already be in place on the Season One page.
Use the correct infobox template, you will find it on the previous episode pages and the template to use is {{Ep}}.

We also need writers to transcribe the films and episodes, those users who go through the arduous task will be rewarded significantly. Rewards for transcribers would include a special title placed next to their username, the name and user avatar placed on the front screen for all to see and a special badge of honour to wear on their user profile and on the Wall of Recognition. Also transcribers would be more likely to be considered for promotion when applying for Staff Membership.

We also need help on the Article Stubs where you can add information into the sections that need it.

Extra Bits: Please always strive to use correct spelling and grammar when making edits.

Any other questions or queries feel free to ask a Staff Member


Happy Editing :-)