Humans are one of the main species in the film and television franchise.


Humans have existed since the dawn of time.


Humans come in different shapes, sizes, gender and color (skin, eye, etc.). They produce waste like culebras and eat food substances in order to live their lives. They will, however, eventually die in their lifetime.


Humans reproduce through sexual contact; usually with a male or female, adoption or insemination.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Strength - Humans do have strength, but not like vampires, culebras or xibalban demons.
  • Agility - Humans have agility, but not to the extent of vampires, culebras or xibalban demons.
  • Endurance -Humans have endurance, but not to the extent of vampires, culebras or xibalban demons.


  • Death - Each human will die by natural causes, murdered, stricken with disease or other causes.


Human Description Status
Seth 2a
Seth Gecko
Seth is the older brother of Richie Gecko and is a survivor, alongside Kate Fuller from the Titty Twister vampire massacre. Alive
He was a soldier and part of the Hangman's posse until he is killed by Johnny. Deceased
Abelardo profile
Abelardo Bustamante
Abelardo is a security guard at Abilene Mutual Bank. Alive
Gerald profile
Gerald is a patron at The Rattler and helped the Fullers with their van. Alive
J.P profile
Deputy J.P
J.P worked alongside Lyle with trying to capture/kill the Geckos. Deceased
Lyle profile
Deputy Lyle
Lyle worked alongside J.P with trying to capture/kill the Geckos. Alive
He was a character featured in From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman's Daughter. Deceased
He was a character featured in From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman's Daughter. Deceased
Mean Old Maid profile
Mean Old Maid
She was a maid at the Dew Drop Inn. Alive
Motel Clerk
She worked at a motel that Buck, Luther, Jesus, Ray Bob and C.W. were staying at. She is later killed by Luther. Deceased
Motel Owner
Motel Owner
He works at the Dew Drop Motel as the owner and gives the Geckos a room. Alive
Barry is a character that was killed by vampires in a horror film that Buck was watching on TV. Alive (actor)/Deceased (character)
Avalino Torrez
Avalino Torrez
Avalino was a CBP officer and his soul is eventually drained by Carlos, who then proceeds to take his form and make use of it. Deceased
Bo profile
Bo Barlow
He was a troubled man who had been one of Freddie's first kills when he started out as an officer, being partnered alongside Earl. He is seen through a hallucination of Freddie's later on. Deceased
Mean Old Bastard profile
Mean Old Bastard
He is the motel owner of the Dew Drop Inn. Alive
Teri Harper
She was a reporter and interviewed Otis Lawson about Luther Heggs. Alive
Otis Lawson
Otis is a sheriff and chased after Buck, Luther, Jesus, Ray Bob and C.W. When four of the bank robbers turn into vampires, Otis teams up with Buck and kills them all. He then lets Buck go afterwards. Alive
Monolo profile
Monolo is a mechanic that talked to Freddie. Alive
Pam is a character that Buck was watching on his T.V. She is in an elevator with Barry and they are attacked by vampires in the film. She gets bitten many times and the character is killed. Alive (actor)/Deceased (character)
Marcy is a waitress and was making love to Buck. They were interrupted by Otis Lawson who is asking about Luther Heggs. Alive
He was an outlaw and part of Johnny's gang. He was shot in the head by Johnny when he claimed he was the new "jefe". Deceased
He was a character featured in From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman's Daughter. Deceased
He was a character featured in From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman's Daughter. Deceased
Madame Diana
Diana was a madame who would prepare the girls that were ready to be bid on at Nathan's strip joint. She eventually is killed by Santánico, who uses her appearance. Deceased
Nadine is a friend of Earl's. Alive
Pete 2
Pete Bottoms
Pete works at Benny's World of Liquor and shoots Richie through the hand. Seth and Richie then shoot the toilet paper and the liquor around it to cause a fire, which burns Pete. Deceased
Pete profile
Pete Bottoms
Pete works at Benny's World of Liquor and he tries to help Libby, Jessie, Earl and Freddie with the Geckos, but ultimately he gets killed. Deceased
Buck 2
Buck was a friend of Luther Heggs, C.W. Niles, Ray Bob and Jesus. He is a bank robber and they plan to do another heist. He finds out that the four have become vampires and he teams up with Otis Lawson to defeat them all. All killing them, Otis lets Buck go. Alive
Edgar McGraw
Edgar was a deputy and was the son of Earl and Ramona, and the brother of Dakota Block. He was killed by Jesus. Deceased
Pancho Villa
Pancho is a Mexican Revolutionary general and was regarded as one of the best. In film universe, he is seen in Ambrose Bierce's dreams/nightmares. In real life, Pancho became a bank robber and was assassinated. Deceased
Hank is part of the law enforcement in Texas. Alive
Warren Pritchard
Warren Pritchard
Warren is an associate of Seth and Richard. Alive
Chance profile
Chance Holbrook
Chance was the captain of the police department Freddie worked in and he is eventually killed by Carlos Madrigal. Deceased
Violet profile
Violet is a bank teller at Abilene Mutual Bank and was held hostage by Seth and Richard. Alive
Libby profile
Libby is a friend of Jessie's and was initially held hostage by Seth and Richard, but they were let go. Alive
Border Guard
Oscar Marin
He was a Mexican border guard and he inspected the Fuller RV. Alive
Kyle profile
Kyle Winthrop
Kyle was Kate's boyfriend who came from Bethel. He went to pick her up and take her back, he then picks up Carlos and he kills him while draining his soul. Deceased
Tony Mendoza
Tony was a fellow officer of Freddie's and he helped with the case he was working on. He was seen keeping an eye on Freddie's house for him, but unfortunately, Aiden kills and drains Tony's soul, taking on his appearance. Deceased
Nathan Blanchard
Nathan is a pimp and a sex trafficker who runs a strip club. He is involved in a shootout with the Geckos and Nathan's henchmen. Afterwards, he is dying of loss of blood and is attacked by The Regulator who proceeds to cut off his ear. Deceased
Kelly Houge
Kelly Houge
Kelly is a reporter who interviewed Stanley Chase about the Geckos. Alive
Henry profile
Henry Milburn
Henry was a bank teller at Abilene Mutual Bank. Alive
Irma profile
Irma was a bank teller at Abilene Mutual Bank and is held hostage alongside her other co-workers. Alive
The Shaman profile
The Shaman
He was responsible for performing the spell to Santanico into a culebra. Deceased
Hughes was an employee of Nathan Blanchard and goes to kill the Geckos and Sonja. Instead, he shot by both Eddie and Seth. Deceased
The Prospector
He was the head of a mining team in 1912 and after breaking a rock, blood comes out taking the form of a snake and slithered into a cut on his arm. He then shows up behind his workers after blood gushes out like oil, with him covered in it. He then proceeds to kill the workers one by one. Deceased
FDTD Johnny Madrid
Johnny Madrid
Johnny is an outlaw who was almost executed by the hangman. He then kidnaps Esmeralda and they stop at the La Tetilla Del Diablo (aka The Devil's Nipple). After a fight, the vampires show themselves and the remaining humans head down in the tunnels. Afterwards, Johnny witnesses Esmeralda turn into a vampire and escapes with Ambrose Bierce, leaving them being the only survivors. Deceased
Frost locked himself in a weapons room and would give anyone who came in a choice. After talking with Kate, he decides to sacrifice himself for them to escape. Deceased
Jessica 2x04 -0h
Jessica was a classmate of Kate's and had an interest in Scott. While they make out, Scott bites her and drains her soul unintentionally. Deceased
Gloria 2
Gloria Hill
Gloria was a bank teller who was taken hostage by Seth and Richie. They put her in the back of the trunk and when they get a room at the Dew Drop Motel, she sits down. After Seth leaves to get food, Richie invites Gloria over to the bed to watch T.V. with him. Before Seth comes back, Richie rapes and murders Gloria. Deceased
Carlos is Seth and Richie's contact to get them into El Rey. He tells them to hide out and wait for him at the Titty Twister since he thought it looked like a "fun place". After everyone in the bar is killed, Carlos arrives and shoots through the door while Kate and Seth still fight for their lives. They come out and the vampires are set ablaze. After getting punched by Seth, he and Carlos work out another deal since Richie is no longer alive. He then tells Seth it's time to go and they drive off in different cars to El Rey. Alive
Earl 2
Earl McGraw
Earl is a Ranger who is unfortunately shot by Richie Gecko at Benny's World of Liquor. He had a wife, Ramona, and two children, Edgar and Dakota, as well a grandson named Tony. In the Tarantino/Rodriguez Film Universe, he appears in other films such as the Kill Bill films. Deceased
Earl 4
Earl McGraw
Earl was a Texas Ranger and the partner of Freddie Gonzalez. After Gabriel Cruz tells him he needs to hide from Celestino, he asks Earl to watch over Freddie, which Earl eventually agrees to. When Earl is about to retire, he and Freddie head to the liquor store and they run into Seth and Richie Gecko. Richie eventually kills him and Freddie swears to avenge him. Earl was the husband of Ramona and the father of Dakota McGraw-Block. Deceased
Olivia profile
Olivia works at the Big Kahuna Burger as a clerk. Alive
Monica profile
Monica Garza
Monica was a bank teller at Abilene Mutual Bank and was a mother to a daughter and son, and married to a husband who recently got laid off. Seth and Richie kidnap, and while trying to keep alive, she acknowledges Richie and his visions. Unfortunately, he eventually kills her. Deceased
Eddie Cruickshank
Eddie is the adopted uncle of Seth and Richie after Ray is killed in the fire. He taught the boys everything he knew, and they eventually reunite with him for a job. Before the plan can come into play, he is killed by The Regulator. Deceased
Vanessa 7 1x0
Vanessa Styles
Vanessa is the ex-wife of Seth and is currently doing 20 years at a women's prison in Gatesville, Texas. Alive
Jessie 2
Jessie is a friend of Libby's and was initially held hostage by Seth and Richard, but were later let go. Alive
Scott 1
Scott Fuller
Scott is Jacob's adopted son and Kate's younger adopted brother. After being kidnapped by the Geckos, Scott fights for his life at the Titty Twister. He starts to get dismembered by the vampires and Kate mercy kills him. Deceased
Jennifer profile
Jennifer Fuller
Jennifer is the wife of Jacob and the mother of Kate and Scott. She overdoses on pills and is taken to the hospital by Jacob. They get into an argument and get into a car accident, which ends up killing Jennifer. Deceased
Sonja Lam
Sonja is an expatriate and a tattoo artist. She gets together with Seth and is it's revealed that she has been working with Amancio. She is shot by Seth and eventually dies. Deceased
Dakota McGraw-Block
Dakota is the daughter of Earl and Ramona. She comes to avenge her father's death against Richie, but it stopped by Freddie and sees the supernatural world. She is a doctor and became under the control of Amaru, but gets out of it when she is sent back to Xibalba by Kate. Alive
Margaret Gonzalez
Margaret is the wife of Freddie and the mother of Billie. She eventually left Freddie beforehand to protect their daughter from the danger he was facing, and they reconcile after defeating Amaru. Alive
Manola Jimenez
Manola was the girlfriend of Kisa who had saved her. She is eventually killed by Amaru. Deceased
Kate 6
Kate Fuller
Kate is the daughter of Jacob and the adoptive sister of Scott. She and her family are kidnapped by Seth and Richie Gecko, who want them to bring them over the Mexican border to the Titty Twister to wait for Carlos. Eventually, she and Seth are the only survivors that escape the vampires and leaves off in the RV by herself. Alive
Kate Fuller profile
Kate Fuller
Kate is the oldest child of Jacob and Jennifer, and the adoptive sister of Scott. After she mercy kills her father and her brother turns into a culebra, she goes off with Seth for a few months. After being shot twice and resurrected by the santa sangre, she becomes possessed by Amaru. She is let go of her possession and defeats Amaru, and eventually pairs up with Richie and Seth. Alive
Seth Gecko
Seth is the older brother of Richie, the son of Ray and an unknown woman and a criminal. He and Richie are said to be the brothers of the prophecy. He and his brother went their separate ways for awhile, but come back together. Alive
Freddie Gonzalez
Ferdinand (or Frederico (in season two), comes from the ancient Otomi bloodline and is the son of an unnamed woman and Gabriel Cruz. He is married to Margaret and with her has a young daughter named Billie. He is a Texas Ranger and became an adopted son to Earl McGraw. He sought revenge for his death by the Geckos, but ultimately starts helping them afterwards. He is also known as the Peacekeeper. Alive
Stanley Chase
Stanley Chase
Stanley is an FBI agent who was going after the Geckos for escaping from prison, killings of police officers and the kidnapping of Gloria Hill. Alive
Ambrose Bierce
Ambrose is a writer who is caught up in the outlaw's world and he is, alongside Johnny Madrid, to survive the vampires in 1913. He goes to join Pancho Villa's army, but it's known that he turned into a vampire at some point. In real life, Ambrose was a journalist who went to interview Pancho and it's rumored they executed him. Undead


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