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Jacknife Jed's is a bar and also Amancio Malvado's base of operations.


There is nothing known about the bar's history.

Throughout From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series[]

Season Two[]

Seth visits the establishment to make a deal with Amancio and it goes through, but Amancio threatens to kill him and Sonja if it fails.

Carlos and Seth's respective groups arrive at the place at different times to go with their plans. Seth brings Santánico in so she can get vengeance against Amancio and they can get the treasures/money he has. It is then revealed that Sonja is in league with Amancio and tells him Santánico is here. Amancio is then given Kate so Carlos can have the key to the Santa Sangre. Richie then confronts Amancio himself and he wants Richie to take over so he can go to El Rey with Santánico.

He decides to go with it and heads to the blood well with Kate. Santánico confronts Amancio and tries to fight him, but he puts his venom in her and she becomes unresponsive. While waiting for the blood to be completely drained, the Driver, Amancio and Santánico head to the garage. Santánico starts becoming herself again and she fights Amancio again. Seth shows up and tries to help her against him. She beats Amancio and takes his snake out, killing it and him in the process. She thanks Seth and go to find Richie, to which she finds out he took the throne.

They confront him and he tells Seth that Kate is dead. Soon, it becomes a fight against Carlos and his minions. The blood gets dumped in front of the establishment and the culebras go into a frenzy, killing various customers. Many other culebras get killed in the process and it soon comes to an end when it's decided to cut Carlos into separate pieces and spread him in different areas. Afterwards, Santánico rides off in a motorcycle and Seth decides to stick around to help run the culebras with Richie.

Season Three[]

The establishment is run by the the Geckos and it comes under attack by the Xibalban Calavera. He takes the skulls of various culebras and uses them to his advantage.

It's unknown if it is still running after the Geckos left.





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