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Kelly Houge was a character who appeared in From Dusk Till Dawn. She was a newscaster who interviewed Stanley Chase about the kidnapping, robbery, and the deaths caused by the Geckos.


There is nothing known about Kelly's history.

Throughout From Dusk Till Dawn[]

In From Dusk Till Dawn, she is interviewing Stanley Chase about the Geckos' actions and what he plans to do about the situation.

Physical Appearance[]

Kelly has a slim build, wearing a pink shirt, a gold bracelet and earrings. She has medium length blonde hair and blue eyes.


She has a calm and collected manner and acts what one would perceive a newscaster should act like.




  • Kelly is an Irish unisex name and means "war, lively, aggressive".[1]
  • Houge is a surname common in France, England and Scotland. It's a variation of Hogue. It is a French topographic name that is derived from the Old Norse "haugr", meaning "hill" or "mound".[2]


  • Kelly Preston reprises the "Kelly Houge" role in the 1996 film, Curdled, alongside archive footage of George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino as the Gecko brothers.
    • In the same film, her character's last name is spelled as "Hogue".


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