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Kyle Winthrop was a character who first appeared in the second episode of the first season of From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series. He was the boyfriend of Kate Fuller until he was drained of blood by Carlos, who took on his appearance briefly.


Not all that much has been made available about Kyle Winthrop, except that he, like Kate, was from the town of Bethel, and was a member of the same parish. He and Kate had been in a relationship prior to his death, and had apparently french kissed in the back of the church. 

Throughout From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series[]

Season One[]

In Blood Runs Thick, Kyle was first introduced as the person Kate was texting while on the road in the RV. Kyle often sent Kate bible passages through text messages as a way to both flatter and relax her. He had arranged to pick up Kate and take her back to Bethel after she texted him. On the road he encountered Carlos, who found the opportunity and pulled him over, asking for a ride to the nearest town. The boy agreed, and Carlos took passenger seat, asking Kyle a few moral questions before taking his life through the bite. Carlos was then able to take on his appearance, completing his route to pick up Kate (and initially sacrifice her to the lords), but was stopped by her family members. Kate immediately cut off communication with him, and is most likely unaware of his death, as she never learns that it was Carlos all along.

Physical Appearance[]

Kyle is slightly taller than Kate, with medium length, dark brown hair and brown eyes. He wore a white shirt, with a red plaid shirt over it and a blue jean sleeveless jacket.


Kyle seemed to be passionate about his religion as well as his relationship with Kate, and was more than ready to come to her aid while the girl stressed over the sanity of her father.


Season One



  • Kyle is an Gaelic unisex name and means "from the narrow channel".
  • Winthrop is both a given name and surname. It comes from English origin and means "from the friendly village".


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