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La Conquista is the eighth episode of season one and the eighth episode of the series.


As Santánico tries to turn Richie to her cause, Freddie confronts Carlos about his destiny and the temple’s mysterious past. Seth, the Fullers and Sex Machine battle their way deeper into the temple, where they meet an unexpected ally.


The episode opens with a flashback to a ship and Carlos dressed in a conquistador outfit, being given a sword by his commanding superior and claims the land as theirs.

Back in the present, Santánico and Carlos discuss Richie's condition, and she assures him things are going the way they should, and he complies. Seth and the Fullers are in a process of what to do with Freddie and they take a vote. As this happens, Scott is in one of the tunnels, but he isn't alone. Freddie gets tied up and the group opens the trap door he went through, crossing the grinder, but unfortunately, the weapons they acquired are dropped. Freddie escapes his bonds and Richie wakes up, to which Santánico tells him what her intentions are.

In the bar, Freddie and Carlos get in a fight, with Carlos proving to be strong and he reveals that Freddie comes from an ancient bloodline called the Otomi, which is why he managed to survive the venom. In the underground, the group gets chased by a bunch of culebras and they lock themselves in a storage room, where they meet Sgt. Frost. He gives them a pinwheel, but it doesn't have the most best choices on it.

As Freddie and Carlos talk in the bar, and Richie and Santánico in her room, another flashback shows that Carlos is over 500 years old and that Santánico turned him into a culebra. Santánico tells Richie how she became what she is now through a flashback as well. Before Freddie can kill Carlos, a now transformed Scott attacks him, and it reveals Carlos turned him into a culebra.

In the storage room, Frost gives them 10 minutes to pick their weapons and Kate tries to talk him into going with them, but he seems to have lost hope after experiencing the visions that tunnels have given him. After leaving the room, Kate experiences the visions Frost was talking about and is grabbed by a culebra, and tied to the altar. In the tunnel, Seth, Jacob and Aiden go to find Kate, but are outnumbered by some of the culebras, and Frost comes in. He sacrifices himself and blows the altar room up, leaving it a wreck, and Richie lets Santánico turn him into a culebra.


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Supporting Cast[]



Body Count[]

  • Carlos's comrades-slashed/disemboweled; killed by Carlos
  • Captain Figueroa-stabbed in the head; killed by Carlos
  • Various chanan culebras-staked/explosion; killed by Seth, Jacob, Aiden and Frost
  • Frost-explosion; killed by himself


  • Carlos's past is revealed and how he was turned into a culebra.
  • The television series version of Frost makes his appearance in this episode.
  • During the flashback, Carlos's real name is stated to be Carlos Felipe.


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