Let's Get Rambling is the fourth episode of season one and the fourth episode of the series.


The Geckos', the Fullers' and Gonzalez's paths merge at the Dew Drop Inn. Seth decides that the Fullers and their RV are the Geckos' ride across the border. Alone with Katie, Richie can sense something about her father is bothering her. Although curious, she is uneasy with this, as she has learned her father and mother might have argued in the car just before the fatal accident. Gonzalez, in possession of Richie's symbolic knife, begins to have visions of a man killed during his first Ranger bust with Earl. After a shootout with the police and Gonzalez, the Geckos and Fullers escape in the RV.


The group and Freddie's paths merge while they are all at the Dew Drop Inn. Seth plans to use the Fullers to get across the border and Richie talks to Kate. Freddie begins to have visions of the man, Bo Barlow, he killed during his first Ranger bust with Earl while he has the knife in his possession. The Geckos and Fullers escape the inn in the RV while a shootout begins.


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  • Earl is seen in a flashback.

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