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The McGraw Family is a law enforcement based family that originates from Texas.


  • (Film) McGraw-Earl and Edgar appear in the first and second films of the film series. Dakota appears in the Planet Terror film. Earl is shot and killed by Richie, and Edgar appears hardened by what happened to his father.
  • (TV) McGraw-Earl is the partner of Freddie Gonzalez, who he looked after when Gabriel Cruz had to leave town. He is then killed by Richie after he shoots him in the hand. Edgar does not appear in the television series, while Dakota is a doctor and is married. Ramona is found out to be dead in the Pilot episode.


  • Earl McGraw (Film) - Earl is the husband of Ramona McGraw and father of Edgar McGraw and Dakota Block.
  • Ramona McGraw (Film) - Wife of Sheriff Earl McGraw, mother to Dr. Dakota Block and Deputy Edgar McGraw.
  • Edgar McGraw (Film)- Edgar is the son of Sheriff Earl McGraw and Ramona McGraw and the older brother of Dakota Block.
  • Dakota Block (Film) - Dakota is the estranged daughter of Sheriff Earl McGraw and Ramona McGraw and sister of Deputy Edgar McGraw. Dakota is also the wife of Dr. William Block, with whom she shares a son, Tony Block. She is an anesthesiologist, working in the same hospital as her husband. She has been having an affair with Tammy and is planning to leave her husband for Tammy, taking her son with her, as the movie begins.
  • Dr. William Block (Film) - William is the husband of Dakota and the father of Tony.
  • Tony Block (Film) - Tony is the son of William and Dakota.
  • Earl McGraw (TV) (1954-2014) - Earl is the husband of Ramona McGraw and the father of Dakota McGraw.
  • Ramona McGraw (TV) - Ramona is the wife of Earl and the mother of Dakota. She is deceased.
  • Dakota McGraw-Block (TV) (1980s-) - Dakota is the daughter of Earl and Ramona McGraw. She works as a doctor.


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