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Mistress is the third episode of season one and the third episode of the series.


The Geckos and their hostage stop at the Dew Drop Inn. Seth goes to get some food at Big Kahuna Burger and meets his wife to tell her that plans have changed. Even though she has helped them in the past, she should cross the border alone. Back in the motel room, Richie's seductive visions cause him to kill the bank teller. Meanwhile, the Fullers' RV breaks down near a bar where Gonzalez meets a professor who explains the Mesoamerican symbols he has found. The professor speaks of a "blood cult" that we see Carlos is a part of and that Richie is trying to understand.


It begins with a flashback when Seth is still imprisoned, and is fighting a much larger prisoner. The larger prisoner mocks him about how Richie has lost his edge, and switches between this and Seth talking with Carlos about El Rey.

The Geckos stop at the Dew Drop Inn with their hostage and get a room. Seth goes to get some food and meet up with his ex-wife, Vanessa. He tells her to go cross the border alone, but she tries to tell him they are partners and she had helped out with the heist as they did. A standoff begins at the restaurant with a law enforcement officer, but Vanessa points a gun at the officer and tells Seth to go. He brings some food back to the motel where it's revealed that Richie has killed Monica given the visions he is currently having.

Carlos is talking with two men delivering cargo and the men threaten him, but Carlos doesn't budge, telling them they are going to bring the cargo for free, and begins feeding on the man with a gun. He is interrupted by Seth calling him, and after he finishes talking to Seth, he feeds on the other man. Afterwards, the cargo arrives and presents the girls to Narciso, along with other men.

At The Rattler, the Fullers' RV breaks down and they get help from a bar patron to continue on their way as Freddie meets up with a professor, Aiden Tanner, at the same bar and they discuss the cult Carlos is a part of. Kate and Scott talk about their mother and how their father is handling it as the RV is getting fixed. Kate makes a call about the car accident involving her mother and asks about the case as the RV is getting ready to go.


Main Cast[]

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Body Count[]

  • Driver - drained of blood; killed by Carlos
  • Unknown Man - drained of blood; killed by Carlos
  • Monica Garza - disemboweled; killed by Richie


  • Richie kills Monica as she tries to kill him, but he receives a vision from Santánico and does it before she can do anything.
  • Richie's visions are coming to him more and more as he tries to understand them.


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