Opening Night is the first episode of season two and the eleventh episode of the series.


Three months after freeing Santanico from the Titty Twister, the Gecko Brothers are still on the run. Seth and Kate are lost in Mexico, while Richie and Santanico plot vengeance on the culebra Lord who imprisoned her.


Three months after the events of the season one finale, Santanico plots her revenge against the Nine Lords along with Richie, who uses the bodies of two local men to fake his and Seth's deaths. Back in Mexico, Seth and Kate hide in a hotel room; while Kate tries to find a way to save Scott, Seth attempts to move on from Richie and at the same time deals with a heroin addiction. At a local flea market, Kate develops a friendship with a teenager named Rafa and Seth convinces a woman named Sonja to make new identities for him and Kate. Meanwhile, Lord Malvado, the head of the Nine Lords arrives at the Titty Twister and confronts Narciso, angered over Santanico's escape. He resurrects an ancient warrior and now bounty hunter called the Regulator and instructs him to go after her and the Geckos. Carlos is revealed to have made it out of the labyrinth.


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  • It is revealed Santánico's real name is Kisa, and Malvado told her she will be no longer be going by that name.
  • Culebras are drawn to people with pure blood, such as Kate; however, it wasn't explained what makes blood pure.
  • Three months have passed in the timeline.


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