Oscar Marin was a character who appeared in From Dusk Till Dawn. He was a guard near the Mexican border and the one who inspected the Fuller van.


There is nothing known about his early history.

Throughout From Dusk Till DawnEdit

He inspects and asks questions about Jacob and Scott's purpose in Mexico. He notices a noise coming from the RV and starts getting suspicious as Jacob forgot to mention that Kate was onboard as well. He asks to come aboard and he starts searching a little bit. He opens the door to the bathroom and Kate is on the toilet, and she says "Do you mind? Shut the fucking door please", he smiles and as he is, he looks in. He then lets them through the border.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He wore a standard dark navy blue border guard uniform, complete with a black cap and white shirt. He has short, dark brown hair and dark brown eyes.


He had a stern attitude and was doing his job as a border guard, being suspicious about who's coming in and out of the country. While onboard and being told by Kate to shut the door, he looks in the small crack as he's closing the door, which could indicate a slight perversion.



  • Oscar is a masculine given name derived from either Irish or Proto-Germanic. It means "friend of deer" or "spear of God".[1]
  • Marin is a common surname in Romance-speaking Europe and Latin America. It is a variant of the Latin Marinus.[2]



  • His role in the series was replaced by two characters, Officer Kadner and Carlos Madrigal disguised as Avalino Torrez.
  • His name, Oscar Marin, is actually Cheech Marin's father's name.


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