Pandemonium is the seventh episode of season one and the seventh episode of the series.


Santanico performs a sultry dance for the audience before climbing onto the Geckos' and Fullers' table. Gonzalez uses her dance as a distraction to pin Richie's hand to the table with a knife. This causes Santanico and others to transform into serpentine vampires. They attack most everyone in the bar, as Carlos and the blood cult members briefly watch then move to a back room. The Geckos and Fullers survive the attack, but know there will be more when they find the bar sealed shut. Professor Tanner, known there as "Sex Machine", informs them of the mythology of the bar/temple. Meanwhile, in the back room, Carlos and Santanico dispose of the nine cult members who call them "slaves". Santanico returns to the bar for Richie and another attack begins.


Santanico performs a dance for the audience and Gonzalez initiates a carnage frenzy in the culebras after he pins Richie's hand to the table with a knife. Many in the bar are either killed or turned, with the remaining humans killing them with various objects and ways. Tanner begins to tell the group about the mythology of the bar/temple and culebras. After serving the counselors, Carlos and Santanico reveal they will no longer be slaves, and begins killing the counselors. Santanico goes up to the bar and begins to talk to Richie, and she then leaves again after being shot.


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  • A frenzy begins and many patrons are either killed or turned into culebras.
  • Kate is seen killing a culebra with a chainsaw.


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