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This article is about the TV Series character, you may be looking for the Film character - Richard Gecko

I’m usually attracted to the dark souls. They fascinate me.
— Richard Gecko to Dakota in Fanglorious

Richard "Richie" Gecko is a main character who first appeared in the first episode of the first season of From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series. He is an accomplished criminal and the younger brother of Seth Gecko. After robbing a bank with his brother in Abilene, TX and arriving at the Titty Twister, Richard is later turned into a culebra by Santánico Pandemonium. After the death of Amancio Malvado, the leader of the Nine Lords, Richard succeeds to the throne.

Richie is currently with his brother Seth and with Kate, robbing banks together.


When Richie was young, he and his brother lived with their abusive father. One night after their father passed out drunk, Richie set fire to the house. Their father, Ray Gecko, was burned alive, but Richie and Seth made it out. They then went to live with their adopted uncle Eddie, who taught them the skills required to become professional thieves. He was the largest influence in their lives and ultimately impacted their future with his own moral "code," which is of high importance to the brothers.

Throughout From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series[]

In Pilot, Richie and Seth rob a bank and kill 4 rangers and a couple of police officers, while kidnapping a bank teller named Monica Garza. He and Seth come to Benny's World of Liquor and hide their car beside a large truck full of hay. They go inside and while Seth goes in the bathroom, Richie talks to a girl named Jessie. They're talking about old alcohol products and Richie starts getting a little creepy, to which Jessie leaves to go to the cash register. Richie keeps hearing a female voice and goes up to where the girls and Pete are, and grabs a hold of Jessie. He tells Seth that they know who the brothers are and Seth asks her if she does and tells him no. Seth reveals that Richie broke him out of prison and they are going somewhere to get away from the law. Richie thinks Seth doesn't believe him and that he's crazy, and they see a couple of Rangers and they take the girls with them into the back. When Earl comes out of the bathroom and asks Pete if he's seen anyone again, Richie shoots Earl and the blood splatters on Pete. Richie says that Pete was signaling the ranger and a shootout then happens. While Earl is lying on the floor, Richie asks it feels to be dying and gets a smart remark in return. Richie then walks away and he starts seeing weird hallucinations of the two girls and keeps hearing a female's voice. Richie is then arguing Seth about the arrangements to get out of the liquor store and is mad at Seth with his connection. After another shootout and Richie gets shot in the hand, he kills Earl. After he does, he sees two creatures and is attacked by them. It turns out that it's two girls and they are kicking the crap out of him. He is seen cowering in fear and is looked at by his brother as he does. After a fire starts and the store blows up, the brothers are then walking to their car and Richie is getting berated by Seth for what he did.

In Blood Runs Thick, as Richie duct tapes his hand it's revealed through flashbacks how the brothers robbed the Abilene Mutual Bank and the hallucinations of a woman. These hallucinations causes him to mess up and listens as Monica tells him Seth acts as if he doesn't trust his brother, and Santanico tells him to cut Monica. He then sees a dead Monica with both of her eyes taken out and believes he's going crazy, until his brother reassures him otherwise. As they drive and pull over somewhere, the two fight each other and Richie picks up a dead coyote, carrying it as the animal's blood drips on the ground, forming the same eye symbol seen on his knife.

In Mistress, the brothers stop at Dew Drop Inn to get a room and brings Monica inside. While Seth goes to get some food, Richie goes in the other room and sits on the bed to watch some TV. He tells Monica to come in and sit next to him, and he talks about certain things while also seeing more hallucinations of Santanico. While he talks about what Santanico tells him to Monica, she uses this weakness as a way to get a weapon, but he sees through this and Santanico tells him Monica wants to be set free. Richie kills Monica, gauging her eyes out and putting the symbol on the knife on her hand. He is confronted by Seth, who has returned from a standoff from Big Kahuna Burger, and is angry at what Richie has done. Richie tells him he's fine and has never seen anything more clearer, declaring that they'll be relaxing on the beach, just the two of them.

In Let's Get Rambling, the brothers plan on kidnapping the Fullers and use their RV as a way to cross the Mexican border undetected. After invading the family's room, Richie is sent by Seth to fetch Kate, but not to talk to her. As he heads near the pool, he sees Kate and blood surrounding her. They greet each other and talk about their respective families, with Richie mentioning her mother's death. After going over the plan with the family, Richie and Seth go out with Kate as they are spotted by Freddie. They begin a shootout with the ranger and two other deputies, eventually escaping from them and driving off.

In Self Contained, as the brothers and the Fullers head to the Mexican border, Richie receives more hallucinations and Santanico tells him to watch out for people with shadows over their hearts. As he and Kate pray, Scott grabs a weapon and Richie is alerted to this. He sees Scott and Jacob as demons and wants to kill them as they can't be trusted. As tension escalates, Jacob accidentally hits the man in front of him and the brothers, along with Kate, hide in the bathroom. After bouts of arguments and minor setbacks, the brothers and Fullers manage to cross the border. After crossing, they eventually arrive at the Titty Twister and get out of the car, looking at the establishment.

In Place of Dead Roads, after arriving at the Titty Twister, he watches as Seth beats up the doorman and they go inside the bar. He notices the same symbol that is seen on his knife and begins looking for Santanico. He runs into a stripper and asks her to repeat the words Santanico told him, realizing it isn't her. He talks to Kate, who wants to leave with her family, but Richie doesn't want her to go and they kiss. After Kate walks away, Richie and Seth start playing a knife throwing game and makes a deal with Kate that they'll let them go depending where the knife goes. After winning, Richie and the others are asked to sit down when the main attraction is about to shown. When Seth notices Carlos, Richie tells him that Carlos was the one who gave him the knife and Santanico is introduced to the audience, Richie realizes it's the woman he has been seeing in hallucinations.

In Pandemonium, after Freddie stabs his hand and aims his gun at both brothers, Santanico attacks the ranger and Richie sees what she kind of creature she has transformed into. The other employees of the bar transform and begin feeding on the patrons, causing a massive blood frenzy in the process. Richie is confronted by Santanico, who tells him she's been waiting for him and is shot by his brother. The two begin arguing, with Seth accusing Richie of knowing the plan. After the frenzy is over, Scott and Aiden explain their theories of what the creatures actually are and Richie listens to them. The group then begins assembling weapons and Richie argues with his brother more, while Seth tells them after they get out, they are done. Richie sets up a stake bomb and when a few other culebras appear, including three patrons that have turned, he pushes the button to set it off. He and Seth then kill Razor Charlie together and Richie listens to Santanico when she comes back up above. As he listens, he shot from behind by Freddie and is taken by Santanico.

In La Conquista, he eventually wakes up in Santanico's chambers and she tells him what her intentions are. She explains to him how she became what she is now and despite some being a little unnerved, he eventually decides to allow Santanico to turn him into a culebra so that his injuries could heal and so he can free her from her enslavement.

In Boxman, he dreams of the fire that killed his and Seth's father, Ray, and awakens as his transition into a culebra begins to show. He is told by Santanico that he needs to let things go and imagines Monica, whom he tackles after being stabbed in the eye. Santanico tells him that he's almost there after he tackles "Monica". He and Santanico head into the RV and are confronted by Seth, while Richie explains to him it's not a real door, but one to the labyrinth inside the mind. The two decide to go through with the plan and along the way, they encounter multiple people, including Warren Pritchard and a prisoner Seth was fighting, and Richie drains "Warren" of his blood, taking on his appearance. They also spot Jim Thompson and Richie heads over to talk to Jim. He heads to the penthouse in the elevator after Jim lets him, but as he is in it, Jim calls and tells him he knows a Gecko when he sees one. He fights out with one of the bodyguards, Beefy and takes his form to trick Jim, letting Seth into the room as well.

In The Take, after completing the labyrinth and unlock the vault in Jim's room, they find the handle Aiden opened earlier, finding a jar. Richie opens the round jar and a serpent appears, and he swallows the serpent as it contains Santanico's blood, becoming her prince in the process. He is then kidnapped by Narciso and Carlos, who want the $30 million oil bonds that Seth has on his person. He is rescued by Seth as the female culebras fight against Carlos and Narciso. He then frees Santanico and leaves the bar with her, going to the United States to plan her vengeance against the Lords.

In Opening Night, Richie and Santánico are doing a heist to give a message to Amancio. They make love to each other and he finds it a little weird at first, but ends up liking it. He also gives Santánico a bracelet as well. Richie goes to a gas station and hires two men to help them keep an eye on the cameras. At first, they are paralyzed by a venom from a culebra, but some time later Santánico wakes up and gets Richie on his feet. They end up defeating the culebra, and get the money they need. When the two men threaten to out Richie as he is a Gecko, Richie tells Santánico that they can eat them. Richie and Santánico then decide to use the corpses of Jimmy and Dex and run it off a cliff so the lawmen won't be on their tails, and put the Geckos' "fates" at rest.

In Attack of the 50 Ft. Sex Machine, Richie and Santánico capture Paloma to use her and a few others girls as a way to infiltrate Amancio's food supply. He then goes up to meet Eddie, his uncle, at his store and asks him if he knows anybody with sex trafficking. He disguises himself as a sex trafficker and goes to meet up with Nathan Blanchard. He shows him footage of Paloma dancing in her underwear and bra, and asks for 50% of the profits, which Nathan tells him he'll think about it. He is still seen wearing his glasses and is told about virgin girls and their blood by Santánico. Afterwards, he goes outside and is captured by Blanchard's men and is shot, to which he vamps out and consumes Langston's soul. He then transforms into Langston and uses it to his advantage. When they arrive at Nathan's home, he transforms back and shows him the girls. He then asks for 80% and Nathan agrees to the deal.

In The Best Little Horror House in Texas, he goes to the club and watches as the plan begins to work, also noticing Carlos has entered the club. Unfortunately, the plan takes a turn for the worst and he is being shot at by Nathan and his men.

In Bondage, Richie is caught by Nathan and his men and brought into a room. Nathan tells him they're going to kill him and Richie gets a telepathic connection from Santánico and tries to listen in on what she is saying. Nathan wonders what he is doing and breaks him out of the connection. Richie asks him about where the truck is going and Nathan is about ready to shoot him, but Seth comes and shoots him instead. Richie goes for the two other men and kills them as well. He is angry at Seth as Nathan was going to tell him about the truck and Seth remarks that he saved his life and this is how he repays him. They go outside and when Richie tries to go in at least two of the cars parked, Seth shoots the tires from both of them, making Richie angry. He tells him he wants to his own thing, and Seth tells him to get in the car. They argue more while in the car and Richie reveals that it hasn't been a basket of roses with Santánico and he insults Seth about his new fling, Sonja. They meet up with Sheriff McCorkle and they try to bargain with him to get answers about where the truck is heading, and even when they give him the money, the didn't exactly get the answer they were looking for, and they leave. They are driving down a road and get a call and they turn around to find the truck with the girls. They find the truck and they run it off, and the driver comes out and vamps, but Seth stakes him. McCorkle shows up and tells them that he made a bargain with Malvado and will take the truck instead. They are handcuffed and when the truck leaves, Richie breaks the handcuffs and they leave in the two cars. They arrive at Jacknife Jed's and they walk in front of the headlights, with the girls right behind them.

In Bizarre Tales, he and Santanico arrive at the restaurant where Seth and Sonja are waiting for. There are short words that are said between the four and decide to give their orders to their waiter. After a good amount of time waiting for the girls to return from the bathroom, the brothers go in to see Santanico choking Sonja, and they stop her. When Santanico tries to tell him Sonja is hiding something, Richie doesn't want to listen and decides to go finish his steak instead.

In Bring Me the Head of Santanico Pandemonium, he originally goes with Santanico's plan to take Eddie's plans until Eddie sees that Seth had taken them earlier. Before secures a partnership with Larry, Richie shows up at the mechanic shop and drains Larry of blood. With more tension between the brothers, they are persuaded by Eddie and the girls to go over the plans. He and Seth then began their plan more to defeat Amancio and gain major scores, but they are interrupted when Regulator shows up. He then attends the mini funeral given to Eddie, who was killed by the Regulator. They decide to do the score for him and come together again as brothers. While at Jacknife Jed's, Richie uses Larry's appearance as a disguise to listen in Amancio and Seth's conversation.

In The Last Temptation of Richard Gecko, he and Seth stakeout the Greely Meathouse and see Balthazar Ambrose outside. Richie, Seth and the others confront Winchester Greely in his office and force him to work with them for the heist. While they load their weapons, Richie tells Seth he has yet to figure his wayob out, meaning his extra power. Richie takes the form of Balthazar in order to get in Jed's with Greely and go through the trials with Arbiter. While he thinks he and Winchester are in the clear, it's revealed that they will be tortured as Amancio already knew that Santanico was there. He is later lured to Amancio's office after the Lord gets into his head by pretending to be Santanico calling out to him. Amancio then tells Richie he wants him to take over in his place and he decides to do it, sitting in Amancio's chair while the Lord looks in approval.

In There Will Be Blood, he is told by Amancio that he needs to make up his mind on what he wants to do as he [Amancio] has to leave before sunrise. he then meets up with Kate again at Jed's, seeing her memories and finding out where the Blood Well is. While he tries to drop her off, she gets on his case about not wanting another Gecko kicking her to the curb and wanting to be involved so Scott can have some of the blood. After Kate runs off to tell her brother about Richie's plan, Richie shows up and threatens Carlos until he is held at gunpoint by Maia. He then witnesses Kate being shot by Carlos twice when she tries to stop the blood pump.

In Santa Sangre, he tries to get Kate to let him or Scott turn her, but she refuses them and won't forgive them, telling Richie to burn in hell. Afterwards, he uses his wayob power to mind control Aiden and Tucker. He then goes to Jed's only to be confronted by Seth and Santanico, and reveals to his brother Kate is dead. He, his brother, Scott and Santanico fight against Carlos and the other rogue culebras, with Carlos being dismembered. He takes over as the new Lord, but with Seth accompanying him as well.

In Head Games, he and Seth are the new Lords replacing Amancio Malvado until they go to a meeting with all the Lords, having been demoted by Venganza to being collectors. The Geckos, Freddie and Venganza go to Alonzo's bar for his tribune, but he attempts to kill Venganza, and can't be killed by normal culebra methods. The brothers later learn that their vault has been tampered with a possible thief in their mists and find out a demon named Calavera is stealing their associates' skulls to control them, so they try to snuff out the ones that could be working for the demon. Richie and Seth then watch on a camera as an assistant, Florinda steals from the vault and follows her to the demon's lair. Richie then shoots at the skulls Calavera has, freeing and killing the people he's in control of until the demon tries to take Richie's. When they get a chance, Richie burns the demon alive while Seth decapitates Calavera. They are later assigned to get rid of the demons by Venganza.

In La Reina, after breaking up two culebras from a fight and being informed by them that they'd rather get behind Santanico, Seth bring up her whereabouts. Richie tells him that he has being keeping track of her and that she's in Piedras Negras running an underground fighting ring. They head to the fighting ring and go to her office where she is about to feed on a man. Richie is introduced to a woman named Manola and as a business partner, not Santanico's former lover. He then watches as Seth fights in the ring until the demon Olmeca shows up slaughtering people. He goes with Manola until she is caught by Olmeca and Amaru, who also threatens Santanico and almost kills Richie by draining him of his soul. After Olmeca is killed, he talks to Santanico with his brother and she agrees to join them as she has nothing left now.

In Protect and Serve, he and Seth regroup after Santanico ditches them so they can enlist anyone else they could help them in getting rid of the demons. Richie mentions that he had heard of an ancient hunter named Ilhicamina and they head to a marijuana store to find him. They see that he goes by the name of Burt now and they listen as Ximena explains the Lords' origins and why Amaru is possessing Kate. They are later contacted by Freddie about the current demon, El Caporal and the location where the demon is, bringing Burt with them to kill El Caporal.

In Fanglorious, the brothers are notified of Freddie and Scott's confrontation with Amaru, with Richie believing Kate's nature is still inside there somewhere. After Amaru and Brasa send three Jaguar warriors to the Geckos' new base, Richie manages to kill two of the warriors until he fights against the leader, Zolo. Zolo decides they can continue their fight another time and Richie later goes to a bar where he flirts with a doctor named Dakota. They leave together until she reveals to him that she's Earl's daughter looking for vengeance, shooting Richie in the chest, sending him flying out of view. She goes to check his body, but doesn't find him as she doesn't know he's a culebra and cannot be killed by normal bullets.

In Shady Glen, the team head to a neighborhood called Shady Glen to find out the source of infection the residents are dealing with. While he talks to Freddie, it's revealed Dakota followed them and tries to alert an officer, but the officer becomes infected and attacks her instead. He later goes with Freddie to confront Amaru and Brasa when they take a woman and her son hostage. Richie is then paralyzed by Amaru and is put into the back of a car as a hostage.

In Straitjacket, he is shown in Xibalba being attacked by a group of men until he wakes in the psychiatric institution where Amaru was previously held. Amaru manipulates Richie while she is keeping him captive and his use wayob power. He calls Seth and tells him where he is, and while the others believe it to be a trap, Seth decides to go rescue his brother. While he manages to lock Seth and the others up, he drains a former patient named Pablo of blood when he tries to help Seth get out of a room. While Amaru tries to persuade him to kill Ximena to fulfill her plan, he tells her she should take Seth instead. When Freddie tries his attempt to get Seth out, Richie uses his power on him and has him kill Ximena. Seth manages to stop Richie by setting him on fire and freeing Freddie from his mind control. He goes into the room where Freddie is staring at Ximena's ashes, and has some remorse on his face.

In La Llorona, the group is told by Aiden that there's a mansion where rich culebras worship Amaru and another demon by the name of Itzpa. When they infiltrate the mansion to capture the leader, Lorenzo, Amaru shows up and they manage to restrain her. As Amaru is led out, Richie comes up and she snarls at him, while the wind picks up more. As they continue with the exorcism on Amaru, Richie receives visions and alerts the group of Itzpa, who has targeted Freddie's family.

In Rio Sangre, he and the others reunite with Carlos, who tells them he wants in on the fight. They later learn that Venganza is hiding in a prison and the group go there to converse with her. While Carlos and Seth go through the front, Richie, Santanico and Scott go to the back acting as laundry workers until he feeds one of the prison guards. He and Santanico take the appearance of the guards and escorts Carlos and Seth to Venganza's room until Carlos exposes them. Richie, Santanico and Seth are taken to a room full of prisoners and they begin killing them as it's revealed a demon named Tatuaje is in the prison and he can use his tattoos to control people.

In Matanzas, Richie and the others confront some undead gunslingers while also luring away the Jaguar warrior Zolo to an open area to fight with him once again. While he does win, his mask is ripped off and he begins to burn in the sunlight.

In Santa Sangre, he eventually gets of the sun and is lured where the gate to Xibalba is. While in Xibalba, Amaru plans to use him on the Earth and hints that he's not full human, proceeding to manipulate his mind control power to influence anyone in the vicinity. He and Kate then come through the entrance of Xibalba and witnesses Amaru being sent shrieking back to the dimension. After this, an an unknown amount of time passes and it's revealed that he, Seth and Kate are now robbing banks together.

Physical Appearance[]

Richie is paler of countenance than his brother Seth. He has short dark hair, mostly seen slicked back. His icy blue eyes are obscured by thick glasses, which he still often wears after having been turned into a culebra, despite having regained perfect vision. He's usually seen wearing suits. He appears to be between 22-27.


Richie is a self-proclaimed prodigy with a high level of intellect. He believes the world is a dangerous and predatory place, and that reliance on oneself is the key to success. When he comes into possession of the Aztec spirit knife, Richie’s mental state becomes increasingly unstable. He begins to experience hallucinations and exhibit sociopathic tendencies as he connects more and more with the spirit world -- and with Santánico Pandemonium, who speaks directly to his mind. The result of this connection is an extrasensory ability that allows him to glean emotional information from people, giving him a strange and disturbingly accurate insight into their minds. It allows him to detect lies from his hostages as well as their intentions. 

Richie is typically standoffish, aloof with a dry wit and smoldering temper. It belies his eagerness to prove himself the best, the most knowledgeable, at everything. He’s slower to explode than his brother Seth but always ready to quip at anyone. In the beginning, we only see his softer side revealed through the mess of his mental state in his interactions with female hostages. In his moments of lucidity, he’s almost gentle with Monica Garza, and with Kate Fuller seems to take an "I look at you and see a mirror" outlook. He’s understanding of her emotions and can sense her inner grief. Though at first glance he was more attracted to her physically than emotionally, later they develop a more platonic connection. And as he grows to know Santánico better, he came to understand her better. Conversely, his relationship with Seth suffers greatly throughout the seasons. He doesn’t rely on Seth anymore after he’s turned, having his own plan and a whole new strength. But the time they spend apart in Season Two, and the mess they make of jobs, makes it clear that while they can function on their own and with outside help, the Gecko brothers still need one another. 

Richie’s state of mental health seems to improve after his transformation into a culebra (when Santánico no longer needed to influence his decisions from within) and once again he seems ever focused on his next score and doesn't wish to hurt civilians.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Immortality- Culebras do not age or decay, they are invulnerable to most conventional forms of fatality, with certain exceptions and restrictions, and are immune to death by disease or sickness.
  • Accelerated Healing- Culebras heal from physical wounds much faster than humans. In addition, chronic illnesses, such as poor vision, are immediately corrected. For example, Richie was shot in the hand and had a large hole that caused him immense pain if too much pressure was applied to it. Upon transformation, the large wound healed rapidly and his vision was heightened, no longer requiring him to wear glasses.
  • Superhuman Strength - As a culebra Richie's strength is enhanced, granting him superior strength to humans. Richie can fight on equal grounds with other culebras and can easily lift and overpower humans.
  • Superhuman Senses - Vampires, usually when thirsting for blood, will experience states of heightened sensory sensitivity. In this state they can hear the heartbeat of another person, and see with greater saturation, allowing them to see the blood pumping through a being's veins. Vampires are also able to smell blood, and become aroused when it is shed in their presence. Vampires can identify others by scent, as well as the taste of their blood. When turned into a culebra, Richie lost any sensory defects after he was turned; heightening his vision and repairing his incorrective eyesight.
  • Shapeshifting- Richie can shape-shift into a reptilian form that is far stronger and more feral than their human form. It causes them to mentally degenerate into mindless animals that can be killed easier as they are not as smart in a fight and are more blood crazed, though when partially transformed, they are simply more aggressive and can speak, while other are more like hungry zombies and even hunt in hoards or packs. They either have flaked or scaly skin with sometimes hardened scales and horns.
  • Special Power/Mind Control - Richie's special power grants him an eye in his hand, which allows him to control the minds of others, even Culebras, however Amaru seemed immune to Richie's special ability.


  • Sunlight- Culebras are vulnerable to the sunlight and will die of exposure to it.
  • Staked- Culebras are vulnerable to stakes to the heart, as it will usually kill them.
  • Extraction- Richie is vulnerable to heart extraction.
  • Decapitation- Culebras are vulnerable to decapitation, but like snakes, they have been shown to still have movement.
  • Cold - Culebras are vulnerable to the cold, freezing them leaves them with the inability to move.


Season One

Season Two

Season Three




  • Richard is a Germanic or English given name. It derives from the French, English and German ric (ruler, leader, king, powerful) and hard (strong, brave, hardy) and therefore means "strong in rule".
  • Gecko most likely comes from the lizard.


  • When Richard was younger he stole his neighbor's dog, Peaches, because they wouldn't look after her.
  • Richard killed his dad so he wouldn't hurt Seth anymore.
  • Richard is extremely talented at picking locks.
  • Richie has an extensive knowledge of movies, often quoting little tidbits or plots to those in his company.
  • Richard desires to become independent and never be just a side man again, which he often felt while racking up scores with his brother.
  • In Place of Dead Roads, Richard and Kate kissed twice.
  • Santanico was his first ever girlfriend. However, in Season Three, Seth mentions Richard's "first" being a girl by the name of Mary Palmer.
  • Richie's special culebra power is an eye that appears on his hand which he can use to control a person's mind.
  • Richard likes picking up special talents from the people he feeds off.
  • When he was still in school, Richard played oboe and bassoon.

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