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This article is about the character from the film series, you may be looking for the TV series character of the same name - Santanico Pandemonium.

I'm not going to drain you completely. You'll be my slave because I don't think you're worthy of human blood, you'll feed on the blood of stray dogs. You'll be my footstool and at my command you'll lick the dog shit from my boot heel. Since you'll be my dog, your new name will be... Spot. Welcome to slavery!
Santánico Pandemonium to Seth Gecko in From Dusk Till Dawn.

Santánico Pandemonium, formerly known as Esmeralda, was a character who first appeared in the first film of the film series. She was the Vampire Queen of the Titty Twister and a former dhampir before being turned by her mother and grandmother. She is eventually killed by Seth when he shot a chandelier and it impaled her.



Santánico was born as Esmeralda, a dhampir in 1894 to Mauricio and Quixtla. She never knew her mother as her father raised her himself instead.

Throughout the years Mauricio abused her and tried to raise her as a human, so as she wouldn't go back to her mother. During her childhood, Mauricio attempted to kill Esmeralda on several occasions, but she kept coming back.



The 19 year old Esmeralda as a dhampir.

When Esmeralda is 19, she was seen witnessing Johnny Madrid about to be executed by her father, but when she is noticed, he whips her on her back. After Johnny's noose is shot off, he grabs her, with Mauricio, who fears the worst for his daughter, and a local posse on their trail, Madrid meets with his gang. Together, they rob a stagecoach containing American author Ambrose Bierce and newly-wed couple John Newlie and Mary Newlie, and she begins to fall for him. They arrive at the La Tetilla del Diablo, and she feels drawn to Quixtla and the place. It's then revealed she is the dhampir daughter of Quixtla and Mauricio and is destined to be a full-fledged vampire princess. Mauricio had taken her away in the hope of raising her as a normal human but, thanks to his mistreatment and Madrid's kidnapping, she has been led back to Quixtla.

She completes her transformation into a full fledged vampire princess, being renamed Santánico Pandemonium and ordered by her mother, kills her grandmother by stabbing her in the stomach. Santánico then turns her father into a vampire and in her dhampir form begs Johnny not to leave but Johnny avoids her. Now back in her vampire form, she watches as her mother is killed by Mauricio with sunlight from which she hides and when Johnny leaves, she begs for him to come back, but the door closes.


From then on to 1996, she becomes the cruel, seductive and inconsiderate vampire queen of the Titty Twister, working as an exotic dancer where she danced and easily seduced patrons and fed on them, including Richie Gecko and then, one of the vampires appeared and stabbed Richie in his injured hand with a knife, making all the vampires get caught up by the blood. Santánico, hungry and tempted by blood, feeds from him and then turns him into a vampire. She then attacks Seth and tells him he'll turn for her and become her new slave. She then welcomes him into slavery, however he declines, stating he already has a wife, and he shoots the chandelier above them, moving away and letting it hit her, and kills her in the process.

Physical Appearance[]

From vampire princess in 1913 to vampire queen in 1996

Santánico in 1913 as a vampire princess and in 1996 as a vampire queen.

In 1913, she wears a red shirt, skirt and some pants and brown sandals. During her transition into a vampire, she wears a gray bra with a gray skirt in a hip yoke fashion, gold hairclips, snake bracelet, arm bracelet, sandals and crown with feathers.

In 1996, she has centered middle part long dark brown hair with tanned skin complexion, brown eyes and a voluptuous body. In her vampire form, she looks like a reptile, with flaked skin, snake eyes, with pointed ears and fangs. She is dressed in a black bra and panties, dark red cape with red and green color with red feathers shoulder pads and adorned with a feathery headdress.


She is very seductive, using her gorgeous figure to seduce everyone in the Titty Twister, except for Kate Fuller and the other vampires. As Esmeralda, she was very gentle and kind. However, as Santánico, she was gentle in the beginning, willing to forgive her father and get back with Johnny, but slowly thereafter, she became undoubtedly cold and cruel, as evidenced by her plans to make Seth Gecko her vampire slave.

She was also arrogant and tyrannous, yelling to the other vampires that she was the queen of the Titty Twister and thinking of herself as more powerful than humans.

During her time as Esmeralda, she liked humans but after becoming the vampire queen, Santánico taught that they were useless and just a source of food.

As Esmeralda, she was fearful of her mother but as Santánico, she obeyed her mother's order to kill her grandmother.

She would always act human in front of the patrons while dancing but when blood was spilt, her vampire instincts would take over and she would become very thirsty for blood.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Immortality- Vampires do not age or decay and are immune to death by disease/sickness.
  • Superhuman Strength- Santánico has strength superior to humans.
  • Shape shifting- Santànico can change from a normal human appearance to a more feral and vampiric appearance.
  • Seduction - She can easily seduce anyone with her voluptuous body.


  • Sunlight- Vampires are vulnerable to the sunlight and will die of exposure to it.
  • Staked- Santánico is vulnerable to stakes to the heart, which will kill her.
  • Extraction- Santánico is vulnerable to heart extraction.
  • Decapitation- while some vampires are vulnerable to decapitation, some such as Nano and Sex Machine, have shown to regrow a snake or a more monstrous appearance after said head is taken off.




  • Esmeralda is Spanish and means "emerald".