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Scott Fuller was a character who appeared in From Dusk Till Dawn. He was the adopted son of Jacob and brother of Kate. He was mercy killed by Kate when he was attacked by a bunch of vampires.


He is Korean and was adopted by the Fullers years ago.

Throughout From Dusk Till DawnEdit

He was kidnapped by the Gecko Brothers along with Kate Fuller and Jacob Fuller. They all went to Titty Twister. When his father asks his children to promise to kill him when he turned to a vampire, Scott said his words "I swear to God in Jesus Christ's name." When Jacob turns into a vampire, Scott hesitates to kill him, which leads him to get bitten. Scott manage to kill his undead father, but he was attacked by a group of vampires that proceeds to dismember him. Scott told Kate to kill him in an act of mercy. He died in the explosion along with the vampires attacking him.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He had medium black hair and brown eyes.


He is brave and will do anything for his family, even if they are in danger for their lives.




  • Scott is a given name and surname of Scottish origin.
  • Fuller is a surname referring to someone who treats wool with the process called fulling.

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