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Season Three

September 6, 2016-November 1, 2016

D.J. Cotrona as Seth Gecko

Zane Holtz as Richie Gecko
Eiza Gonzalez as Santánico Pandemonium
Jesse Garcia as Freddie Gonzalez
Madison Davenport as Kate Fuller
Brandon Soo Hoo as Scott Fuller
Jake Busey as Aiden Tanner

Wilmer Valderrama as Carlos Madrigal

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Season Three of From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series

The renewal was announced October 26, 2015. [1]


Season 3 continues the Gecko brothers’ saga as they fight their way through the world of culebras, the vampire-snake hybrids that control hidden empires in Texas and Mexico. Once the baddest outlaws in the land, Seth and Richie made a run for the Border two years ago to save their lives – and their fortune. They ran headlong into a bar full of bloodsuckers and bandits, facing off with the vampire goddess Santánico. The Geckos joined her cause, and they settled an old score. It won them a place in the culebra world. Now that world is about to explode, and new enemies are gathering – dark forces, hell-bent on destruction and domination. It’s up to the Geckos to stop them – but they can’t do it alone.





  1. Madison Davenport-"Monsters"
  2. Saints & Sinners
  3. Santanico's Fight Club
  4. The Collectors
  5. Amaru
  6. Calavera
  7. You Must Be Starving
  8. Brasa
  9. Olmeca
  10. Ilhicamina
  11. Caporal
  12. Jag Warriors
  13. A Teachable Moment
  14. Shady Glenn & the Cipactli
  15. Nicotero Hospital
  16. Seth Escapes & Lobotomy
  17. This Is Not You
  18. Itzpa
  19. Rio Sangre
  20. General Tatuaje
  21. Matanzas
  22. Queen Amaru
  23. Time to Pay Up
  24. One Thing We Need to Be


Main Cast[]

Supporting Cast[]

Guest Cast[]

Production News[]

This season's directors are in episode order: Dwight Little, Robert Rodriguez, Alejandro Brugues, Eagle Egilsson (#4 and #8), Eduardo Sanchez, Rebecca Rodriguez, Diego Gutierrez and Joe Menendez (#9 and #10).[2]

Episode List[]

Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
RichieGec.png [[Head Games]] Writer: Carlos Coto Director: Dwight Little September 6, 2016 #1
Seth and Richie's organization is infiltrated by an enemy fixated on destroying the Geckos, the Lords and all culebras.
FDTDS34.png [[La Reina]] Writer: Diego Gutierrez Director: Robert Rodriguez September 6, 2016 #2
Seth and Richie seek help from Santánico; Freddie and Ximena have an encounter with Brasa.
ProtectandServe.png [[Protect and Serve]] Writer: Ian Sobel & Matt Morgan Director: Alejandro Brugues September 13, 2016 #3
Freddie Gonzalez teams up with an old enemy; Seth and Richie track down an ancient hunter.
Fanglorious.png [[Fanglorious]] Writer: Marcel Rodriguez Director: Eagle Egilsson September 20, 2016 #4
Ranger Freddie Gonzalez teams with an old enemy; the Geckos must defend against the Jaguar Warriors.
ShadyGlen.png [[Shady Glen]] Writer: Sarah Wise Director: Eduardo Sanchez September 27, 2016 #5
Seth and his team protect civilians from cannibal attacks.
Straightjacket.png [[Straitjacket]] Writer: Fernanda Coppel Director: Rebecca Rodriguez October 4, 2016 #6
Richie wakes up in an abandoned asylum after being abducted; Seth goes to save Richie.
LaLlorona.png [[La Llorona]] Writer: Diego Gutierrez Director: Diego Gutierrez October 11, 2016 #7
The team falls victim to a female Xibalban demon.
RioSangre.png [[Rio Sangre]] Writer: Carlos Coto Director: Eagle Egilsson October 18, 2016 #8
Santánico returns with a secret and leads the Geckos to Lord Venganza.
Matanzas.png [[Matanzas]] Writer: Marcel Rodriguez Director: Joe Menendez October 25, 2016 #9
The Geckos are going after Amaru, as she plots to regain her true form and open the gates of Hell.
Darkside.png [[Dark Side of the Sun]] Writer: Ian Sobel & Matt Morgan Director: Joe Menendez November 1, 2016 #10
As Kate nears death, the team races to defeat Amaru and seal the gate to Xilbalba.

Home Media[]

The DVD and Blu-ray was released on February 7, 2017.[3]


  • The storyline of Season Three begins six months after the events of Bizarre Tales
  • Filming began March 14, 2016. [4]
  • Robert Rodriguez’s Take: “As Season 3 unfolds, Kate Fuller — once a Bible-thumping teenager from small-town Texas — finds herself transformed by something dark and powerful. She’s not the sweet girl we met in Season 1.”[5]
  • Robert Rodriguez’s Take: “Just like the third act of the film, we’re blowing the lid off the Dusk universe in Season 3, but we’re also continuing to mash-up horror and action and Mesoamerican myth. That means new demons, new monsters — and crazy new threats.”[6]
  • Robert Rodriguez’s Take: “Santánico Pandemonium, once imprisoned inside the temple under the Titty Twister, has found a new life for herself in the outside world. She’s actually happy! All that gets shattered when the Geckos show up to recruit her into the fight.”[7]
  • Seth and Richie are back on the same page now working with the culebras. But, once again, the Geckos find they need Santánico’s help. Robert Rodriguez’s Take: “Dusk has always been a Gecko Brothers story, and Seth and Richie are definitely back. When Season 3 opens, they’re working for the culebra crime bosses — but when that world gets blown up, the boys start putting together a crew to take on a dark new threat.“[8]
  • In a few preview/sneak peek photos of Kate, there is a name written on the wall "Amaru". The name is from Quechua origin and means "sacred serpent".[9] [10]


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