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Stanley Chase was a character who appeared in From Dusk Till Dawn. He is an FBI agent that was going after the Geckos from the prison escape, the killings of police officers and kidnapping of Gloria Hill.


There is nothing known about his history.

Throughout From Dusk Till Dawn[]

In From Dusk Till Dawn, he was seen on the television being interviewed by Kelly Houge. He tells her and the audience that they'll be on the Geckos' trail.

Physical Appearance[]

He wore a dark suit, black tie and a white shirt underneath. He had tan skin with and light, brown hair with some gray-white.


He is stern and has a calm composure. While talking, he remained assured that he and his fellow law enforcement officers will apprehend the Geckos.




  • Stanley is from a surname meaning "stone clearing" in Old English.[1]
  • Chase is masculine and comes from a surname meaning "chase, hunt" in Middle English, originally a nickname for a huntsman.[2]


  • He is the first FBI agent to appear in the franchise.


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