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Tatuaje was a character who appeared in the eighth episode of the third season of From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series. He was a Xibalban general that worked for Amaru and would meet an untimely fate of being stabbed by Santanico.


He an ancient demon and a general to the Xibalban army.

Throughout From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series[]

Season Three[]

In Rio Sangre, he uses his power on a man to initiate a fight with Santanico and Carlos, but they manage to kill the controlled man. Tatuaje later infiltrates the prison where Venganza is and uses his powers of controlling people with his tattoos to get Amaru's plans accomplished. He manages to infect many of the inmates and he is then confronted by Santanico and Carlos, who are being beaten to a pulp by him until Carlos manages to peel some of Tatuaje's face off, while Santanico stabs and kills the demon.

Physical Appearance[]

Tatuaje wore suits, with the final one being dark with a vest with designs, and tan pants. The most distinguishable feature about Tatuaje is the tattoos on his face and arms, done in tribal markings.


Tatuaje is very cold, obedient, and ruthless. He seems to have an interest in Santanico, as he finds her beautiful and wants to make her his.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Enhanced Strength- His physical strength has shown to be extremely high, even as equal to the Olmeca who is said to be able to destroy anything in its path.
    • Enhanced Durability- He is also able to withstand countless hits from his foes and continue to fight with little exhaustion.
  • Tattoo Materializations- He has displayed the capacity to give his tattoo life, and use it to materialize weapons such as knives.
  • Mystical Tattoo Spread- When Tatuaje comes into physical contact with his chosen targets, the tattoos in his body begin to spread from him into the victim.
    • Tattoo Mind Control- After his victims become completely consumed by his tattoos, he is able to command them to do his bidding.
    • Tattoo Power Bestowal- Tatuaje is able to grant his targets enhanced strength.
      • Mystical Tattoo Spread- He is able to grant his acolytes the ability to spread their tattoos as well.
      • Tattoo Materializations- His acolytes are also granted the ability to materialize weapons.


Season Three


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