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The Last Temptation of Richard Gecko is the eighth episode of season two and the eighteenth episode of the series.


As the pieces of the big job fall into place, the uneasy trust between brothers and partners crumbles in the light of the betrayals and new loyalties.


Somewhere in the desert, Carlos, Tanner, Scott and Kate finally solve the ancient codex and complete a ritual involving an innocent killing another innocent.

Seth and Richie stake out Greely's Meathouse and watches Balthazar from afar. Gonzalez tracks down the Geckos and makes a deal with them. Gonzalez, the Geckos, Santanico and Sonja sneak into Greely's Meat Product factory. As the brothers load their weapons, Richie tells Seth he hasn't reached his full potential as he hasn't figured his wayob yet; meaning his extra power. When they arrive at Jacknife Jed's, a man named Vincent is checking the cargo and Santanico is in the back in a heavily frozen area so she won't be detected. As they go through with the heist, it's revealed that Sonja made a deal with Malvado, and Seth shoots her when he finds out.

Carlos, Scott and Kate arrive at Jed's; Carlos makes a deal with Malvado, he'll exchange Kate for the ancient key and Malvado accepts. Carlos and Scott find out that Gonzalez took the ancient key, but as he escapes from the factory they take it back from him and bury him alive.

Richie ends up in Malvado's office after he gets inside his head pretending to be Santanico. As Santanico tries to find Richie, she has a vision of him accepting Malvado's proposal to take his place as the head of the Nine Lords.


Main Cast[]

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Body Count[]

  • Scrawny Drifter-stabbed; killed by Kate
  • Balthazar Ambrose-drained of blood; killed by Richie
  • Colt-shot with stake; killed by Sonja
  • Treadwell-shot with stake; killed by Seth
  • Unnamed Culebra-staked; killed by Freddie
  • Sonja Lam-shot in the heart; killed by Seth
  • Unnamed Culebras-burned in explosion; killed by Seth


  • Richie betrays the others to take Amancio's throne as he wants the culebras to prosper and fulfill his heart's desires.
  • Aiden, Scott, Maia, and Carlos have completed another part of the prophecy as they have seen the stars because of an innocent killing another innocent.
  • Sonja's death was foreshadowed in Attack of the 50 Ft. Sex Machine, as Seth was hallucinating her heart being cut out, and in this episode, he shot her in the heart.
  • Sonja is revealed to have been in league with Carlos and Amancio, but wanted the best for her and Seth. She also states that Eddie's death wasn't meant to happen.
  • Carlos makes a deal with Amancio for everything and the key, by giving him Kate.
  • Freddie is buried alive by Carlos, who was assisted by Scott, Maia, Tucker and Aiden.
  • Chris Osborn, the actor who played Colt, played a vampire in the CW shows, The Vampire Diaries and The Originals.


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