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The Prospector was a character who appeared in the ninth episode of the second season of From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series. He was the head miner in 1912 who discovered the Santa Sangre while searching for oil. After breaking the rock and revealing the sacred blood, the Santa Sangre entered into him from a cut and he proceeded to kill the miners.



The Prospector and his three workers had put in a long day and he motivates them to keep on going. After digging some more, he breaks a rock and the blood takes the form of a snake, and slithered into a cut on his arm. After the blood gushes like oil, the Prospector shows up in front of his workers with blood on him and a crazed look, and proceeds to kill them one by one with his pickax.

Throughout From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series[]

Season Two[]

In There Will Be Blood, he is seen in a flashback to 1912 and the events that transpired there with the santa sangre.

Physical Appearance[]

He had messy gray hair and dressed in the style of miners back in the early 1910's. He had slight facial hair around his face. After being inhabited by the Santa Sangre, he had a crazed look to him and blood all over his face, his hair and clothes.


He had a confident attitude and desired to get the mining work done instead of giving up. He showed encouragement to his other workers and convinced them to stay. When he is inhabited by the santa sangre, he gained a crazed like personality and delighted in killing the men.


Season Two



  • The actor Gary Busey is the father of Jake Busey who plays Sex Machine in the TV series.
  • His real name was never revealed.

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