The Take is the tenth episode and the season finale of season one. It is also the tenth episode of the series.


Aiden is revealed to be a cult fanatic and is killed by Freddie; Kate kills her father after Scott bites him; Carlos turns on Santanico and goes on Narciso and the Lords' side; Freddie returns to his family; Richie and Santanico head for the States, while Carlos enters the labyrinth, with Seth and Kate riding off together.


Gonzalez realizes Tanner is a cult fanatic and saves Kate by killing him. Alone with Scott, Jacob cannot bring himself to kill his son who has turned, while Scott bites his father, hoping Jacob will see that being a demon serves a better purpose. Kate must kill her father before he turns. The Geckos survive their test, but Richie swallows the serpent containing Santanico's blood, making him her prince. Carlos betrays her by siding with Narciso and the Nine Lords. He kidnaps Richie, wanting Seth to bring him the $30 million in oil bonds. A final battle ensues, before the sun rises to cleanse the bar/temple of its cult. Gonzalez is allowed to return to his family, Richie and Santanico head for the States, Carlos is welcomed into the Nine, and Seth and Kate ride off together.


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Body CountEdit

  • Jacob Fuller-staked; killed by Kate Fuller
  • Various Culebras-Burned; killed by themselves
  • Karina-Burned; killed by herself
  • Culebra-Burned; killed by herself


  • This is the first season finale of the series.
  • Jacob is bitten by Scott and in turn mercy killed by Kate.
  • Santánico and Richie ride out of the Twister and into the United States.
  • Kate and Seth pair up and ride away from the Twister.
  • Carlos enters the labyrinth to be "reeducated".


  • Karina and the culebra return in this episode. They were last seen in Pandemonium.

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