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The Titty Twister Band were characters who appeared in From Dusk Till Dawn. They were a group of musical vampires at the Titty Twister.


Nothing has been revealed about the band.

Throughout From Dusk Till Dawn[]

In From Dusk Till Dawn, the band is seen playing several different songs throughout, such as "Mary Had a Little Lamb", "After Dark" and others. After Santánico feeds on Richie and starts a blood frenzy, the band transform and begin playing more music as the vampires attack the bar goers. After Santánico and other vampires are killed, Seth, Frost, Sex Machine and the others notice that the band is left, and before they get to them, the lead singer exclaims "Fuck you everybody! Good night!" and they then explode into pieces of body parts.

Physical Appearances[]

All three had different appearances, except all wearing mariachi uniforms. The guitarist had a bandanna around his head, the lead singer had long, black hair and the drummer had short, black hair.


There is nothing known about the three members' personalities.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Immortality- Vampires do not age or decay and are immune to death by disease/sickness.
  • Superhuman Strength- The Band have strength superior to humans.
  • Shapeshifting- The Band can change from a normal human appearance to a more feral and vampiric appearance.


  • Sunlight- Vampires are vulnerable to the sunlight and will die of exposure to it.
  • Staked- The Band is vulnerable to stakes to the heart, which will kill them.
  • Extraction- The Band is vulnerable to heart extraction.
  • Decapitation- While some vampires are vulnerable to decapitation, some such as Nano and Sex Machine, have shown to regrow a snake or a more monstrous appearance after said head is taken off.



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